What is AVINOC about

AVINOC is a consistent, integrated and permission less base data layer for decentralized, transparent and worldwide coordination of business flights within the general aviation, to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly.

The value proposition

General Aviation (GA) covers the worldwide civil transportation of persons and cargo with airplanes or helicopters outside of the scope of regular charter and airline business. It can further be divided into the Business Aviation branch (BizAv, corporate and executive aviation business) as well as the Private Aviation branch (private flying and clubs).

Managing all the traffic in GA requires intermediaries (like brokers or platforms) functioning as a kind of communication interface between customers and operators. Such systems tend to be highly complex, laborious, time consuming and finally expensive. Direct bookings and communication between customers and operators are basically impossible.

AVINOC is a blockchain solution, that provides a basic layer for flight related data to address the main challenges and problems in GA. Every user involved in AVINOC possesses a local copy of all relevant data. This creates new opportunities for global, direct, permission less and fast communication between participants involved in the complex aviation business. AVINOC makes all necessary information of availability of staff and equipment visible in a decentralized manner. Efforts for communication and coordination can be reduced to a minimum or, in most cases, they can be totally eliminated

Token distribution & distribution of funds

Team members

Robert Galovic Partner | Product Development & RE

Karl-Heinz Mali Partner | Aviation, Middle East & India

Rene Inkret Partner | Aviation Logistics & Planning

Gernot Winter Partner | Finance, Investments & Legal

Shayda Osman Partner | Marketing, Sales & Communication

Peter Skerl Partner | Blockchain-Technology