Airsave Travel gives users the opportunity to see how they will fund their world travels by letting them save in crypto-points, which enables them to see how saving virtually can easily triple real earnings. Users can also track their travel save and earn balances in real time, earn monthly, recurring rewards by inviting their friends, watch their friend referral list grow and withdraw their savings and earnings as travel vouchers from our exclusive partner STA Travel, or up to 80% in AST tokens or other cryptocurrencies - all from their smartphone or device. UNIQUE FEATURES Save for real: Save a real 20 (or equivalent in AST), to earn a real 5 every month for each friend who saves for real too. Save and earn: Save with 10 friends to earn 240 every four months. Save with 50 friends to earn 1040 every four months (or equivalent in AST/other crypto and STA Travel vouchers). Refer your friends: Earn rewards for referring your friends - see your Facebook friends pop up on your referral list when you use simple integrated sharing tools. Earn recurring rewards: Earn the equivalent of 5 cash every month - for each friend who saves 20 in fiat or AST. Great User Experience: Track your monthly savings and earnings in real time on the DApp - in real money and crypto points. Free to use: Save and earn in crypto-points before you pay the fixed investment of 20 per month, or its equivalent in AST. STA Travel vouchers: Redeem your savings and earnings every four months in STA Travel vouchers, or up to 80% in AST or other cryptocurrencies (and 20% STA Travel vouchers). Straightforward monthly subscription fee: The fixed monthly subscription fee is 20 in fiat currency or its equivalent in AST. You have the option to pay 20 in fiat /AST on a monthly basis or 80 in fiat/AST every four months. Because users begin by saving in crypto-points, they need to purchase the value of the credits they have saved - in order to withdraw their earnings. By covering the fixed investment of their travel savings balance, they will release their uncapped referral earnings. As the number of referrals is uncapped, our travel saving service provides substantial returns. Saving with 10 friends earns savers an additional 600 per year, 20 friends earns an additional 1,200, and 50 friends an additional 3,000. These returns are far beyond any traditional saving product currently on the market. At the end of each four month period, users can then withdraw their savings and earnings as vouchers - from Airsave Travels exclusive partners at STA Travel, or up to 80% in AST or other cryptocurrencies (and 20% as STA Travel vouchers). Users are only able to invest their own money once they have successfully referred five other savers. This cap ensures that Airsave Travel always delivers a return, and encourages both brand evangelism and brand loyalty from users. HOW EXACTLY DOES THE CURRENT VERSION WORK? As of July 2017, Airsave Travel is free to download from the Apple App Store, where it has amassed over 4,000 early adopters, (with a DApp/distributed app being built in 2018). After downloading Airsave Travel the app links to their social media accounts where they share their their referral codes with their friends, to start earning recurring rewards. Users are able to use virtual credits to begin saving straight away, adding 10 per month to their travel savings account - which they track through the apps front end system. However, travel savings only make up part of a users final account balance. In addition to their travel savings, users earn a monthly, recurring 5 credit - for each online friend or contact who they refer to the service - using the apps integrated social sharing functionality. A user receives a virtual sum of 10 every month to try out Airsave Travel, and they also receive a virtual sum of 5 every month multiplied by the number of friends they refer. Every payment made is used to make increasing returns to users by dividing them in the process outlined below: Assuming a user saves the fixed sum of 20 each month, which comes to 80 over a four month period, that amount is divided as follows: 10 is deposited directly into the users travel savings wallet, to be withdrawn as STA Travel vouchers, cash or AST tokens. 5 is retained by Airsave Travel as an administrative fee - to cover the running costs of the application and servers. 5 is deposited directly into the savings wallet of the person who referred the user. At this point, the user has their referral earnings added to their account. Every person who they have referred contributes 5 into the users savings wallet - growing their travel savings every month. In this way, users are rewarded for referring friends and growing the apps user base. Not only does Airsave Travel benefit by growing its user base; users also benefit as their earnings grow proportionally along with the sites user base. If the user refers 10 friends, they would turn their 80 travel savings into 240 of STA Travel vouchers, cash or AST tokens every four months. All of the money distributed to savers comes directly from the profits of Airsave Travel; when a user saves 20, Airsave Travel takes 10 and pays 5 to the user’s referring friend. In order to protect users who refer no friends from losing money on the platform, Airsave Travel ensures that these users are only able to save virtual credits until they hit a five referral threshold - ensuring that users only pay fiat money when they see real returns. Currently, the platform back end has the capacity to manage and track the travel savings balances of about 200,000 users. When user demand fills up this capacity, it is expected that Airsave Travel will recoup annual profits of 12,000,000, most of which will be continuously recycled into the business - to make sure the platform keeps growing and users keep earning good returns. As Airsave Travels user base grows, so will the apps functionality. 2018 will see a global marketing push, UX and backend functionality improvements in its new decentralised application.