What is Azbit about

Azbit is a Cryptocurrency financial ecosystem from A to Z, including: Crypto banking institution, Cryptocurrency exchange with built-in margin and algorithmic trading, Investment platform offering social copytrading, SAMM accounts and portfolio management tools, Multicurrency cryptowallet.

The first exchange is Azbit Pro Exchange, which will use Azbit Shares tokens, or AZS. This exchange will operate in the EU under an EU-based parent company. It will offer fiat currency trading, margin trading, and algo trading, with tokens sold via the ICO.

The other exchange is Azbit Global Exchange, which will useAzbittokens, or AZ. This exchange will operate in Central America under Central American jurisdictions. It will not offer fiat currency trading, although it will offer 1:1 margin trading and algo trading. The AZ tokens used in this exchange will be distributed via an airdrop. AZS token holders will receive AZ tokens via airdrop free of charge.

Both exchanges will offer SAMM, RAMM, and portfolio management as investment products.

Azbit features:
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Algo Market
  • AP Access
  • Electronic Payment System
  • Multi-Currency Cryptowallet
  • RAMM and SAMM accounts



What is the value proposition

"Successful traders will have the opportunity to raise additional trading capital, while investors will be able to allocate their assets effectively.''

Differentiating factors from competing projects are:

  • 2 tokens security and utility - dividends for holders of security tokens
  • Existing MVP: bitsane.com


Team members

Sergei Ermolitski
CEO, Co-founder

Michael Yermalitski
Max Zmitrovich
CMO, Co-founder
Azam Khodzaev
CCO, Co-founder

Nikolae Kukuta
Director of the Partner Department
Dmitry Nenashev
Igor Kostyukovsky

Kirill Pukshta
Head of Statistics Department
Dmitry Gursky CDO
Nick Rovnieko
Head of Analytics


Elena Certa
Bank J. Safra Sarasin
Maxim Selyuk
CEO at KMA.biz
Pavel Kalashnikau
Sergei Tkachev