What is B24Online.IO?

B24Online is an international e-commerce marketplace offering a wide variety of B2B and B2C services. Withfive years of proven success on the market andover 50,000 members and growing, it allows companies to present themselves and sell their products internationally, and to find partners for cooperation and investments. B24Online currently offers services in a variety of languages, primarily English and Russian, and is planning an expansion to create fully multilingual website.

What unique services does B24Online offer?

B24Online allows users companies and individual entrepreneurs to create their own online identities, with access toaglobal marketplace and portal.It allows small companies and large to tap into markets that otherwise would be closed to them and achieve their goals for growth and expansion.

In addition to their ownaccounts on theportal, where they can present their companies and sell their products using B24Onlines payment system, users can choose from a wide variety of easy-to-use templates to create their own full external sites, with completely external domain names, and completely functional sales systems, which are also directly connected to B24Online.

All information and services are automatically synced between accounts on the portal and external company sites, meaning that users only need to make updates once.Users therefore can promote and sell their products both on the B24Online portal itself and on their external sites.

A search feature allows users to find potential customers, suppliers, and partners, matching them by sector, region, interest, and other criteria.Companies on different continents can connect and cooperate. Other services include an HR portal, matching candidates and positions; marketing and promotion opportunities; a chat feature allowing users to communicate directly; and automatically generated electronic business cards, for both individuals and companies, allowing users to share their contacts immediately.

How will B24Onlines blockchain-based payment system work?

B24Online is planning to unveil a comprehensive international payment system based on a blockchain, allowing for rapid, secure transactions across international markets.All transactions, both international and domestic, can be conducted in B24Onlines internal cryptocurrency the B24 Coinallowing for immediate seamless exchange between any recognized cryptocurrency or fiat. Users therefore can avoid costly currency exchange fees and denominate all transactionsusing the B24 Coin, converting to other cryptocurrencies and fiats whenever they want at the current rate.

Customers can pay and merchants can receive payment in their currency of choice crypto or fiat.The B24 Coin can be used to purchase any products and services on the site.By creating an online network where cryptocurrencies can be used easily for e-commerce by real clients and real merchants, B24Online will strengthen the entire international ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, connecting them to the real economy and increasing their international credibility.


B24online is an e-commerce platform bringing together more than 50,000 companies from 37 countries in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. B24online is a partnership with the Eurasian Business Union and has won awards for promoting entrepreneurship and economic integration in the CIS. B24online offers B2B and B2C services for companies, entrepreneurs, and buyers around the globe.

B24online brings together the advantages of e-commerce and social networking. B24online has a partnership with the Eurasian Food Platform in Moscow, a permanent international trade fair with a focus on food and beverages all of the companies and products at the platform are available for purchase on B24online. Join this REVERSE ICO and take b24online to the next level!


Migirov Valery - The Owner & CEO of B24online
Prachie Evgeniy - Advocate, ICO & Blockchain Specialist
Sergey Silaev - Software Developer, Blockchain Specialist
Artur Koshtey - Software Developer, Team Leader
Zeev Okun - Software Developer
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