What is BGX?

The BGX mission is to create an AI-Powered processing platform amplified by game capabilities to democratize the multi-billion mobile games industry BGX has a full-featured model that supports all ecosystem participants:

Implementation on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, as a hybrid solution with a system of dedicated nodes and the ERC-20 BGX token. Supports hot and cold user wallets, currency exchange, virtual player wallet and overdraft function;

The platform focuses primarily on mobile gaming applications and supports all of the necessary functionality that forms a single ecosystem of developers, users-players, advertisers and partners;

Ability to distribute games outside the stores of Google Play and App Store applications: search, rating, feedback, reliability check and infrastructure functions;

Built-in (Native) system of advertising support and its monetization based on the system of smart contracts without intermediaries equipped with adaptive filters and automated conversion accounting subsystem;

Support for modern gaming capabilities and monetization models, including tournaments in various modes, functions of augmented reality and the market of in-game products;

Built-in AI-system based on neural networks that supports the main processes of the platform: smart registration of users, holding tournaments with the control of fairness (anti-cheating) and game promotion

Pre-Sale = 30% Discount

Crowdsale First 48 hrs = 25% Discount

Crowdsale Days 3-7 = 15% Discount

Crowdsale Days 8-14 = 10% Discount

Crowdsale Weeks 3-4 = 0% Discount



BGX provides a set of fully controlled services with a wide range of functionalities and effective crypto-currency integration. The services offered allow developers to implement their mobile game logic and focus on the gaming process, using the platforms processing capabilities for accelerating and simplifying development and advancing monetization. Additional capabilities include using the growth potential of the BGX token to elevate the revenues of their games.


receive the ability to earn from their games, to convert in-game currencies into real world money or transfer them between games, to automatically receive a virtual wallet, to collect bonuses, to access the overdraft spending program, and to compete for prizes.


increase their audience conversion, open new channels for game distribution and realize additional returns on investment through the financial capabilities of the BGX Platform. Also, single token economy that allows for easy stable crypto-currency integration and emission for any app market or developer on the platform.


BGX token holders have ability to participate in the growing project (platform encourages engagement and spending more than any other app market, amplifying this effect), share in its revenues (60% of most transaction commissions go to BGX token holders and nodes), and access its economy.


BGX is a comprehensive solution that supports mobile game features and combines the capabilities of blockchain technology with advanced AI neural networks. Game developers and app markets get built-in support for their games, access to different monetization models, distribution to millions of players, and fees of less than 10%. Players get a chance to earn on the platform and exchange their tokens both between games and into real money. The platform is open-sourced, protected from crypto-volatility, has the speed and capacity far superior to the Ethereum blockchain, and enables all to share in its revenues.


Implementation of an additional distribution channel for games with the ability to verify and promote applications


User hints and matching, verification on tournament results using a distributed neural network


Support for the exchange of game tokens and withdrawalin fiat money


Users receive a universal wallet that allows them to work with both their current user accounts and a variety of loyalty programs


Embedded overdraft mechanism and user scoring, the ability to receive overdraft approval in exchange for loyalty


In-app purchases, tournaments, advertising capitalization, and muchmore.


COSTA ZAKHAROV - Co-founder, Operational Director

IGOR MISHENEV - Co-founder, Business Development Director

VALERY KHVATOV - Co-founder, Technology Director

FRANK JRG HAKENJOS - Marketing Director

THANH NGUYEN - Mobile Development Leader

PHONG NGUYEN - Delivery Director

ALLA WIELICZKER - Product Development

ALEXANDER KHVATOV - Crypto-Finance Officer

NICK ZAKHAROV - Brand Manager

TOAN TRIEU - Product Manager