What is Bithemoth?

Bithemoth is an advanced all-encompassing cryptocurrency exchange platform that is set to revolutionize the industry. We recognize the fundamental issues that plague current exchanges and we are working on innovative solutions to address them.Our platform will value safety and support and will ultimately empower our users to get the best out of their crypto-holdings and investments. With ample features such as integrated hardware wallets, smart trading features, built in ICO incubator, crypto-marketplace, and payment cards, we are setting ourselves above our competition. Bithemoth is poised to rock this industry and shift the power back to our users from the chains of conventional exchanges.

What does Bitmoth provide for its users?

Bithemoth is innovating to create an all encompassing exchange platform, that targets the issues of centralization and security. Our innovative features, such as our user owned hardware wallets that sync to our platform, are steps that we are taking to create a more secure crypto-ecosystem. Features like this empower our users to have complete control over their holdings, all while shifting towards a decentralized exchange platform. We at Bithemoth are also developing our platform to be an all encompassing solution for our users. To do this we are integrating and ICO Incubator, a Crypto-marketplace, and are even working on payment cards to enable our users to utilize their digital assets. Were most of our competitors fall short is having a sensible and reasonable support system. Bithemoth is trying to change this and have a simple and easy to use support system built into our platform to allow reasonable turnover times to service our users. To set us miles ahead of our competitors, Bithemoth has plans for Brick and Mortar locations to be built in major cities to act as brand ambassadors and educational hubs for the general public. All of this, is what makes us different and sets us above our competitors. Making us an excellent project to be excited about and invest in!


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The Bithemoth Team

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Hamzah Adam Barekzai
Luqmaan Moolla
Luqmaan Moolla
Mohamed Cisco
Dr. Mohamed Cisco
Siddiq Moolla
Siddiq Moolla
Micholas Samoondar
Micholas Samoondar
Director of Marketing

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