What is Bitlem Network?

Bitlem launched the first cryptocurrency exchange with physical branches open to the public in August 2017. Bitlem's main goal is to combine Blockchain technology with legacy banking systems to create an hybrid of both world. Bitlem is building a Cryptobank, or hybrid bank, to be the bridge between the traditional financial services and the Blockchain ecosystem. By doing this we seek to create a real solution that will allow to us to reach the unbanked populations of the world and benefit the people that need it the most.

Connecting Blockchain Technology and Traditional Banking to bank the unbanked.The next stage of cryptocurrency adoption will require companies to expand beyond the digital world and establish physical presence in the real world.


We are bulding a Cryptobank to seemingless combine Blockchain Technology and Traditional Banking. We are the bridge between worlds. We combine the best of both worlds to lower the entry barriers to the new technologies and offer all of its benefits. We use blockchain technology under the hood to potentiate traditional financial services.

Blockchainize the world

The Bitlem Network allows to digitalize and undigitalize ownership over physical assets, commodities, securities, and property. Ownership over any kind of tangible asset can be tokenized, subdivided, transferred, traded and redeemed over the internet for the first time in history.

Debit card & Mobile Wallet

Pay with cryptocurrency in more than 130 countries around the world with the Bitlem Debit Card. Get aVirtualorPhysicalcard and unchain the power of the Blockchain.

Large scale remittances across the world

Our vision is to establish physical presence around the world through a network of agents and associates to make blockchain technology a real alternative for the unbanked population of the world in the remittance sector.


No hidden conversion fees. Spend your cryptocurrency at millions of merchants around the world with the Bitlem Physical or Virtual debit card.


Get BTLM tokens back everytime for every purchase you make with the Bitlem Debit Card.


Spending cryptocurrencies should not be difficult. We make it easy to use them in the real world without hassle.