What is Blupass?

Blpass is an Ethereum based token that enables multiple users to access our platform designed to better connect providers, carriers, and consumers. Our platform will put control in the consumers hands to facilitate data transfers between providers and carriers for electronic health records, claims service, policy and premium verification, and much more. We believe our blockchain technology supported with smart contracts will dramatically change the insurance and delivery of healthcare.

The Healthcare Problem

The interaction between consumers, providers and insurers is fractured in the Healthcare system.


Patients enter provider facilities with a misconception that their provider and their insurer communicate seamlessly. Patients are faced with the reality their experience at the physician's office is far from complete. They may pay a copay at the window, but will leave certain of one reality, an incomprehensible bill will arrive in the mail.


Healthcare providers are often torn between the desire to serve their community and maintain the finances of a tormented business model. Administrative stresses and pressures force providers to compensate with ever rising price structures. Administrative costs in the United States are projected to reach $315 billion by 2018.


Fraudulent healthcare claims increase the burden to society through increased premiums and higher out of pocket expenditures. Large Medical facilities and hospital groups spend up to 10% of their budgets on records and billing. Premiums billed and administered by health insurance carriers rely on antiquated file formats.

Data Integration

Unfortunately for the consumer, patient data such as health records, consumer policy data, and claims data are siloed. Providers marginally share data with other providers. Carriers and Providers do not share data systematically leaving consumers to manually request information from medical record departments to facilitate any claims process review.

The Blpass Solution

Blpass will build a multi-layer blockchain to accommodate existing and new healthcare technologies.

Real World Solution

We are unique to the ICO world. We are a real company with real products and solutions. Blpass is a product born from innovation. We will change deficiencies in the Healthcare industry and transform it into a consumer centric, egalitarian model.

Industry Know How

Blpass has the best team of industry professionals. They are practice leaders with years of experience and dedicated blockchain experts with a track-record of successful Blockchain projects.

Secure Ledger

Blpass will build an open source platform designed to solve problems. We believe the best solutions are derived from multiple actors working in sync with a common goal.


Blockchain will decentralize the way we store data and manage information. This will lead to a reduced role for one of the most important regulators in the world, the middleman.

Fraud Prevention

Consumers will benefit from reduced premiums and incentives. Using hyper secure technology reduces loss due to fraud. Carrier savings can be passed on to consumers in the form of premium reduction due to efficient cost saving measures. Consumers will also have peace of mind their EHR is safe from tampering or identity theft.

Portable Benefit Utility

Blpass facilitates PBU's that reconcile policy information, provider billing and insurer claims instantly. The secure Blockchain ledger is what makes this all possible. This technology propels Healthcare systems into the future.

Blpass Platform

Blockchain Ledgers Delivering Instant Data in the Healthcare World

Blpass will build a multi-layer blockchain to accommodate existing and new healthcare technologies. We will utilize our unique blockchain ledgers to deliver instant data for claims service while providing technical support to eliminate fraud for carriers. The Insurance Market is $7 trillion globally. Because of blockchain technology, Blpass has an important advantage. We save time and money. A Blpass system in the U.S. could result in cost savings exceeding $350 billion annually. We will fundamentally change the dynamics between providers, consumers, and carriers.


We believe consumers should have instant verification of their policy information and claims adjudication at the point of service. We will build a client centric mobile platform that enables consumers to control the timing and delivering of medical records and application of claims.

Carriers & Insurers

Insurance carriers will have their claims administered instantly with decreased errors. They will also be insulated against instances of fraud. Our Portable Benefit Utilities or PBU's will increase consumer satisfaction with insurers.


Providers will receive patient medical records and be paid faster than ever before! Providers can reduce billing overhead and save money. They will realize immediate funds from services rendered. With Blpass, data from instant health records will reduce medical errors and lower malpractice costs.


The Blpass Marketplace will provide interconnective solutions for third party applications. We envision solutions such as Telemedicine, electronic medical records and other innovative ideas will flourish.

Blpass Token Sale Information

All BLU tokens will be available for purchase with ETH. Base token price will be set to $0.25 USD.

Blpass will create 6 billion (BLU) tokens. Consumers outside of our preferred carrier network will purchase (BLU) tokens to access our system. Carrier contracts will purchase BLUs to facilitate claims through the Blupass system. Onced used, tokens can be reused. Carriers can retain indefinitely or sell their tokens back into the system.