After years and years of evolution, the Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before, we became capable to interact with anyone despite the long distance between us. It's true that this made our way of life easier, but with what cost?

Capital Investments- Privacy in your HandsWe value our users by providing them an All-in-One solution

Cross - PlatformOur modular design, creates no scalabilities issues, leading way to multi-platform applications development.

Protect your Identity - Communication based on blockchain technology, shields your real identity by using multiple random nodes.

Real Time Communication - Datas are encrypted, chunked into small different pieces distributed to nodes that relays them across the network, linked up and decrypted at destination.

Smart Payment System - Nodes have the freedom of choice, operators can set their price according to their hardware contribution.

Capital Technologies & ResearchRoadmap


Marinescu Adrian (CEO)

Marinescu Victor (CTO)

Firu Gradoe Ionu (CXO)

Stani Ionu Daniel (Digital Marketing Manager)

Crjaliu Bogdan Dinel (Hardware Marketing Manager)

Dinu Claudiu (Community Manager)

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