What is CloudFish?

CloudFish, backed by GeorgiaTech ATDC is on a mission to become the leading innovator and revolutionize enterprise cloud security by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Block chain technology. The ICO is an opportunity for investors to be part of our company. We are offering handsome bonuses to our early investors. Cloud-Fish is a unique one of its kind product disrupting the cloud security industry. We have a ready product, that has been tested and validated, and our enterprise release is ready to roll out in the next few months.

Why CloudFish exists?

There are two common trends observed in the industry: First, businesses are moving their data from on-premise servers to cloud. And second, as the block-chain assets market like investment in cryptocurrencies is getting traction, the business decision makers are planning to diversify their assets and invest in the crypto currencies market. This creates the need for an enterprise class solution that provides a unified security platform not only for their digital assets like documents, files, emails, IPAs etc. but for also for their block chain assets like cryptocurrencies that are stored on cloud servers.

CloudFish provides a data security platform that secures digital assets stored in the cloud, by using block-chain technology. The product provides a distributed security mechanism that enables companies and individual users to secure their documents, emails, pictures, crypto-currencies and wallet keys by leveraging the block-chain technology.

The CloudFish Token - CFH

CloudFish token is NOT A SECURITY. It is a utility token that can be traded on ERC20 compliant exchanges or used for buying products and services from CloudFish. The holders of CFH token are only entitled to trade the token or use them to buy CloudFish products, if successfully developed, as described in this document. The CFH token itself is based on Ethereum, a blockchain-based computing platform. Ethereum allows smart contracts distributed computer programs which can facilitate online contractual agreements in a cryptographically secure manner.

The Team

Faisal Faruqi, CEO

Muhammad Zia Hydari, Board Member

Ehrar Jameel, COO

Drew Lanham, Growth Adviser