What is Cool Cousin:

Cool Cousin is a VC-backed travel company launched in 2016, with a thriving global community in over 60 cities and a double digit monthly user growth.Crowned by the New York Times, L.A Times, The Guardian and National Geographic, and as a must app for travelers,

Cool Cousinallows travelers to search through a list of locals in their destination by career, age, bios, and social profiles to find those who match their taste.

Cool Cousin Mobile

How does Cool Cousin Work:

Each local has a distinct guide to their hometown, full of their favorite neighborhood spots that can be saved to a map for your own trip. Travelers that look for customized guidance from locals can also reach out to them directly for more questions or help. Over 95% of travelers using Cool Cousin app report a positive experience.

Cool Cousin Growth in numbers:

- 100K+ active users a month

- 350% user growthin 6 months

- 80% of growth is organic

- 200% growth quality Interactions between locals and travelers

- 700 locals in Cool Cousins global community

- 64 destination available

- 8000+ applications to become members of the community

- City launched every 5 days

- 40,000 local businesses indexed

Cool Cousin new cities grapth

Cool Cousin Growth past 6 months

The Cool Cousin Vision:

Cool Cousin is ready to take a huge leap forward on its way to becoming the worlds first decentralized peer to peer travel agency.

By powering our decentralized ecosystem comprised of locals and travelers with a new ERC20 compatible token called CUZ, Cool Cousin will grant travelers easy access to a broad range of time-and-money-saving services and uniquely suitable information, while giving locals the opportunity to monetize and own their hard-earned city knowledge.

With a growing user base of over half a million travelers, thousands of daily interactions waiting to be tokenized, and a strong team of experienced professionals, Cool Cousin is perfectly positioned to become the place where mainstream millennials are introduced to and adopt cryptocurrency and to emerge as a sustainable autonomous economy fueled by CUZ.

The COZ Token economy:

Building on the Ethereum platform, Cool Cousin is introducing an open source cryptographic token named CUZ, created to incentivize growth of the community of Cousins and users, to enable rapid scale and to move digital assets between many territories. Powered by CUZ, the autonomous community will govern its own expansion and quality. In time, the company will delegate to the community all governing processes which cement the quality and authenticity of the content on the platform. As our utility token, CUZ will incentivize Cousins to create content and offer services through coin exchange, allowing all participants in the economy to benefit from the companys growth.

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