What isCrypticsabout?

Deep Learning AI predicts the cryptocurrency rates with 70%+ accuracy. Our crawlers gather data from 100,000+ social media sources, 400+ technical indicators and numbers are rising, so our forecasts are as objective as possible. Based on the collected data, the neural network predicts the future exchange rate with an accuracy of 70% and higher. Unlike people, AI is not vulnerable to panic or greed, and constantly improves.

CRYPTICS will construct a whole ecosystem powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Traders will gain leverage, investors will find asset managers and data scientists will increase their expertise. Core team members are math and data science PhDs, former Intel, Alcatel, Nokia, NEC, SAP, Wings workers with average 9,4 years of relevant experience.

What is the value proposition?

Cryptics provides efficient and stable markets profitable for everyone, proving its efficiency on fiat markets. Participants will be able to choose a certain digital asset to concentrate on; merchants will have an opportunity to get more profit, offering their services to the Cryptics team. The uniqueness of the platform is that it is going to fill the gap between knowledge and funds. Their use of tokens is built to finance the improvement of the space and to attract an attention of qualified people to make the trustworthy product. Investors will receive high-efficiency toolkit for short-term and mid-term investing options.

The token

20M USD hard cap

QRP tokens issued 100.000.000



66% - MARKET


Step 1: Concept and Research 2016


Development of CRYPTICS concept

Market research

Feasibility analysis

Step 2: MVP 2017

Core team hiring

Development and testing of the mathematical models

Quantitative and non-quantitative data collection

First forecasts based on ML&DL

Introduction of MVP

Step 3: Crowd-sourcing and Production 2018

Crowd-sourcing campaign

Further expansion of the team

AI development for forecast improvements

Marketing activities all over the world

Step 4: Automatization and Decentralization 2019 2020

Trade bot integration

Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure

Automatic portfolio management based on KPI forecasts

Introducing real-time signals from the media

Launch of the decentralized funds managed by CRYPTICS users

Team members and advisors

Oleg Tereshenko

Stanislav Maer

Guy Corem

Sebastian Stupurac

Stas Oskin

Ismail Malik

Ilya Tkachev

Maxim Maslennikov

Hyeonjin Kim

David Kuhl

Bruce Jeong

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Jan Robert Schutte

Olef Rotem

Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto

Anton Pomelnikov

Zahid Ali

Yuriy Chaban

Andrew Gurar

Alex Namgaladze

Akbar Murataliev

Valerii Hirda

Yaroslaw Homenko

Alex Voronetsky