What is DEEP AERO?

DEEP AERO, a global leader in drone technology innovation, is building an AI-driven, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent drone/unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management (UTM) platform on the Blockchain. It is designed to enable safe low-altitude civilian flights of manned and unmanned aircraft in the shared airspace. DEEP AERO's decentralised market place will be the foundation of the drone economy.


At DEEP AERO, we are building an autonomous drone economy powered by AI & Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transportation system by bringing on demand aviation and cargo delivery at your fingertips.



Decentralized, intelligent, self-aware, autonomous drone traffic management platform

DEEP AERO Passenger & Cargo Drones

Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircrafts transporting people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTM

DEEP AERO Drone Market Place

Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services



Flight plans meet all regulatory requirements with AI driven, rules-based airspace intelligence for enterprise friendly drone operations.


Active or planned flights can adapt to change in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for optimal performance.


Maximum situational awareness with real-time notifications of nearby traffic, based on the flight plan and live telemetry.

Drone Use Cases

  • Aerial Survey
  • Package Delivery
  • Aerial Transportation
  • Photography and film making
  • Pinpoint pesticide delivery
  • Forest fire fighting assistance
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Underground sewer,power, utility, maintenance and safety inspection
  • High-rise commercial building maintenance and safety inspection
  • Security and surveillance
  • Pipeline survey, security. management and maintenance
  • Crowd control/management
  • Livestock/range management
  • Power line maintenance and safety inspection
  • Wind turbine maintenance and safety inspection
  • Wildlife conservation


Executive Team

Gurmeet Singh - CEO
Mayank Jain - CFO
Harsh Sharma - Vice President

Technology Team

Kamaldeep Dhanju - Principal Technical Architect
Rushdeep Singh - Technical Manager
Naviin Kapoor - Blockchain Expert
Prabhjeev Narang - Technology Consultant
Kamlesh Nagware - Blockchain Consultant
Karthikeyan T. - Blockchain Engineer
Rajasekhar Guttapalli - Blockchain Researcher
Jagpreet Singh - Automation Testing Expert
Aditya Bharti - Robotics Engineer