Robotics, neural networks, blockchain these technologies create a new era. How can an ordinary person remain competitive? We combine the best tools and partners services that help a person to achieve his goals in career, personal life, interests. The user gets the gamified application that motivates him to develop, achieve new levels in his skills and get tokens - Etalons. Activity on personal development is entered in blockchain. The application of the user digital portrait on the network: Career Meetings Communities Groups and private clubs Bloggers

Two directions are consistently developed: The EVO.Pro is the project direction on creation of the educational and recruitment platform to assess and develop professional skills and personal and business qualities (at the launch stage). EVO.Live project direction on human development in other areas of life, including leisure, sports, creativity, charity, personal development (launch in 2019). In EVO.Pro segment we form a large-scale self-sufficient solution for the professional sphere and education, and also create the foundation for spreading the EVO.Live concept to all spheres of human life in the future. Features EVO.Pro:

  • Creates the headhunting tools based on the system of unbiased and independent assessment of skills and personal business qualities.

  • Unites existing systems and assessment centers for knowledge and skills.

  • Creates criteria and systems for assessment and certification of skills in new, the most demanded areas.

  • Creates and unites partners, centers and tools for on-site and distant assessment of skills, to enhance the effectiveness of which creates a system of automated remote proctoring (control of the examinee).

  • Unites online and offline partners in a single network for further development of skills and training, forming the “Easy knowledge” foundation of the educational system modular training programs, flexibly collected from individual skill courses.

  • Creates a single system of financial motivation and discounts based on the project’s token.

  • Uses blockchain for secure storage of verified results of assessing and developing user skills and free application of these data in professional and personal areas.

  • Uses the system of smart contracts for training and assessment, allowing you to create reliable contractual algorithms between employees, employers, training and certification centers.

  • Develops technology of auto-coaching for users as a motivational and developing application.