What is Elysian?

The primary role of Elysian is to create an Ecommerce platform to transform the industry by improving security and creating a unique user experience. Elysian will be the first Ecommerce platform to combine several vital aspects that are necessary for the progression of the industry blockchain technology to securely store data, cryptocurrency to securely store & transfer value, and artificial intelligence combined with virtual reality to set a new precedent in user experience.

What is the problem Elysian is going to solve?

Elysian will provide a platform to improve security and prevent data breaches, exemplified most notably by Equifax and Target. Elysian will also integrate futuristic technology to create an unprecedented user experience, leading to increased efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Cryptocurrency meets Ecommerce

Elysian is a team of Ecommerce and cryptocurrency experts with a plan to connect the multi-trillion dollar Ecommerce industry with the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market by creating a revolutionary, new Ecommerce platform. We envision a future where Elysian is the epicenter of a new model for Ecommerce, powered by the blockchain. The Elysian ecosystem presents a model for sustainability and healthy growth, along with community integration to connect Elysian supporters directly with the team.

Elysian Ecommerce Platform

The innovative Elysian platform will drastically transform the standard Ecommerce business model. Multiple improvements in efficiency and security will be evident for investors and consumers, such as faster delivery, secure customer data storage and identity theft protection. The implementation of these aspects through the use of blockchain technology will provide an immeasurable level of trust that is vital in the progression of Ecommerce.


Elysian will build trust in Ecommerce by producing a substantially improved level of data storage security by using the Proof-of-Authority algorithm. Proof-of-Authority consensus will provide the Elysian ecosystem with a private blockchain to store encrypted credit card information and other user data securely over a distributed network.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

The implementation of these two features into Ecommerce will solidify the advancement and progression of the industry. This technology will provide the ultimate convenience. Consumers will have the ability to shop at home in an intimate environment and will have a level of engagement that is similar to an in-store experience. Consequently, both satisfaction and efficiency increase. In addition, the Elysian platform gains a competitive edge against businesses using antiquated methods of user experience and customer engagement.


In an industry that continues to rapidly progress, scalability is mandatory. The Elysian platform is multifaceted in both business and technological aspects. The capability to appeal to a wide range of companies in the Ecommerce industry makes application of the platform lucrative. Moreover, the versatility of the technology to adapt to requests from businesses and large client bases will substantiate its credibility.


Q2 / 2017

-The Elysian concept is born

Q3 / 2017 - Q1 / 2018

-The concept is in development

Q2 / 2018

-The Elysian Private Event begins, followed shortly thereafter by the Elysian TGE

Q3 / 2018

- Team Expansion- Launch of the official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux & Mac)

Q4 / 2018

-Launch of the official Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android)

Q1 / 2019

-Private blockchain implementation for data storage

Q2 / 2019

-Launch of the official Elysian Merch Program

Q3 / 2019

-Launch of the official Elysian Platform

Q4 / 2019

-Atomic Swap integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform

Q1 / 2020

-Expand the range of altcoins accepted on the Elysian platform

Q2 -Q3 / 2020

-Opening of a Strategic Office in Europe and Asia

Q4 / 2020

-AI integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform

Q3 / 2021

-VR integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform


-1% of the global Ecommerce websites start using the Elysian platform


Leo Ameri
Leo Ameri
CEO & Founder
Jesse Brandenburg
Jesse Brandenburg CFO
Hategan Ioan
Ioan Hategan CMO
Levon Tikoyan
Levon Tikoyan CTO / Lead Developer
KJ Magill
KJ Magill CBDO
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Roelof Gootjes Head of Strategic Partnerships

Ihor Pidruchny
Ihor Pidruchny Blockchain Engineer
Nadine Dominik
Nadine Dominik Corporate Secretary
Tyler Sanford
Tyler Sanford
Marketing Consultant
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Tammy Saint-Wynters Designer
David Blumsack
David Blumsack
Community Manager
Lucy Vardanyan
Lucy Vardanyan
Senior UI/UX Designer