What is Energy Premier?

Energy Premier is a blockchain based energy retail & bidding platform that allows users to organize electricity bidding sessions, trade in our EPC utility tokens, and put their smart-grid electricity for auction, as well as connect smart meters to perform instant EPC payments.

Our platform is live and operating already (@EnergyPremier.com) already having lead users (consumers & suppliers) and a team of blockchain innovators including Tomoaki Sato, ex consultants, investment bankers and energy traders to make it a success.

Energy Premier - a blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform

Our mission is to enable distributed and transparent energy trade utilizing blockchain technology and the EPC token, bringing the power over energy to people

Energy premier platform

Token based electricity bidding platform

Allows consumers and suppliers to trade electricity using the EPC token, through electricity bidding sessions

Distributed, direct & transparent access

Enables decentralized and direct access to market, eliminating distance in trading, driving pricing transparency

Trade, usability and liquidity

Drives trade & usability of EPC: making it cheaper, faster, safer to trade, and offering smart grid & smart meter functionality

What problem do we solve?

Energy Premier platform


All companies and individuals are spending a lot of time to write specifications for consumption of electricity and to send to all suppliers of electricity and after that to read the offers. This amounts to a few hours per day per employee working on electricity. We cut that time to only 30 minutes.

Additionally, due to smart contracts and faster/ independent transfer, we further cut other types of time loss.


All process of purchasing of electricity is connected with high risk of corruption. We have transparent process without opportunity for corruption, utilizing smart contracts and blockchain that do not allow fraud or double-versioned of information.


The suppliers calculate the risk of imbalances in the final price of electricity and that proportion can be really high. We offer calculation of all new requests with current energy portfolio pool of the suppliers, and the suppliers have the opportunity to calculate the lowest percentage of imbalances in the final price.

Group requests

The suppliers dont have the opportunity to offer the same price to groups of consumers with the best possible price. We offer the opportunity to many consumers to create group requests and to get the best possible price at the moment.


Most electricity traders have registered companies in other countries only to do several trades per year and do not participate in the retail market. We offer electricity suppliers without own employees to participate on retail market through Energy Premier.com, cutting out middle-men utilizing blockchain and tokens.


The EPC token enables high utilization due to:

Smart-contract governs ownership and transfers: Energy Premier utilizes smart contracts in multiple use cases. This includes ownership and transfer of electricity rights and tokens, price submission during a bid, automatization of bidding process and fulfillment of tasks once conditions are met, etc. Furthermore, smart contracts also ensure highest levels of data safety and eliminate potential for fraud and information manipulation

Smart meter integration and day-by-day payment: EPC tokens work perfectly well with smart meters and utilizes smart metering data. This allows:

Consumers to pay as often as they like even on a day-by-day basis which is very valuable to certain types of suppliers and consumers from cash flow management perspective. This is only possible with EPC tokens

Brings back the data ownership from major electricity corporations to consumers and smart meter owners

Utilization of most accurate electricity data profiles for electricity bids

We have already confirmed interest from a major smart-meter supplier/ lessor to use our platform to reach more electricity suppliers and expand the offer

Grid & capacity-management integration:

EPC tokens allow easy electricity trade from various grid systems. By integrating with grid systems we will enable a grid electricity producer (e.g. a household with solar) to transfer ownership over their energy production volume (or part of it) to a buyer on the Energy Premier platform utilizing EPC tokens. A grid-electricity-producer needs only to form a bidding session to which buyers would come and bid using EPC tokens.

Our team

Our team members have worked with major global brands, including:

McKinsey & Company, Pwc, Merrill Lynch, Rothschild, Google, Credit Suisse, Danske Commodities, SAS, Microsoft, Oliver Wyman, AT Kearney, BASF, Houlihan Lokey, Rialto.io

Viktor Delov - Development of electric power trading

Kevin Carl Castlunger - Expansion across geographies

Luka Prelevic - Strategic positioning of Energy Premier

Blagoja Petrushev - General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance

Ankit Chawla - Innovation on the product

Jovan Lazarevic - Experienced senior Oil, Gas and commodity trader

Stefan Spasovski - Development of UI & UX platform aspects

Vojislav Boskovski - Experienced senior developer

Dragana Mladenovic - Social Media Manager

Giulia Cian Seren - Chief Marketing Officer

Tomoaki Sato - Blockchain adviser

Faton Behadini - Financial advisor

Boyan Josic - Advisor and an expert in the cryptocurrency market

Brett Freeman -ICO Advisor, Commercial Strategy and Marketing