What is Essentia?

Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your digital life. With one seed, you can control all of your dApps, identities, data, and assets. From anywhere, on any device, on-chain or cross-chain.

The purpose of Essentia is to provide users with full privacy and security over their data by developing a bleeding-edge and user-friendly framework. The Essentia framework gives full and granular control to users and enables them to act anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or publicly. Its primary goal is to empower users with a toolset of decentralized solutions which seamlessly integrate with on-chain or off-chain systems, services or resources.

Essentia is a decentralized, modular framework, which gives you an opportunity to protect and store your private data, perform transactions using the Essentia wallet through different stock exchanges, etc. By design, the Essentia Framework is modular and highly customizable. This allows it to fit the maximum variety of use-cases and to smoothly scale in order to adapt even to the most exotic scenarios.

Essentia is trust-less, but there are no doubts that it is the most reliable one. It does not require the users trust at all because it neither knows nor manages any of the users data/information in the open. With the help of Essentia you can seamlessly interact with both decentralized and centralized resources at the same time.

The Problem

What if you were creating the most valuable resource on Earth, but giving it all away for free?

Thats exactly whats happening to you, right now, with your data.

Digitally collected data is responsible for generating revenues of over $1 trillion dollars annually, fueling the algorithms of giant corporations that profit from the data you serve them, every second of every day. For free.

We believe theres a better way: a way for everyone to own and control all of their data, all of the time, and to decide whats done with. A fundamental building block of the internet is missing, and were going to create it.

The Solution

We want to give users, corporations and their devices full ownership over their identity, data, possessions and personal communications.

Thats why we built Essentia, a decentralized data management framework that creates a new way to interact with the web, preserving full data ownership and control. A framework that is easily integrable with any device, application, blockchain or website and which can act as the standard for how the decentralized internet is accessed.



The Essentia framework expands to fit your growing decentralized life. Add dApps, platforms, and wallets at the push of a button.


High throughput allows Essentia to support millions of users simultaneously.

Full Data Ownership

Your data. Your property. Take the power back and regain control of your digital identity and freedom.

Multi-Chain. Multi-device

Essentia supports different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. It can work on any device, IOT or CLI.

All In One Seed

One secure seed. Countless applications. Essentia is the key that unlocks your decentralized web experience.

KYC and GDPR by default

Conform to enhanced verification procedures safely without risking your data or privacy. Both for companies and users.

Use Cases

Decentralized Passwordless Logins

Users can use eLogin to seamlessly login to websites and dApps, without the use of insecure passwords.

KYC Registrations

KYC compliance services can seamlessly accept new clients and securely store their data, decentralized.


Matteo Gianpietro Zago - Project Lead

Mirco Mongiardino - Product Lead

Vladimir Holubovych - Operations Lead