What is FABA?

Faba helps companies to grow! Revolutionary token that bridges the crypto community with the traditional venture capital market

The opportunity to be part of a powerful new investment movement. Faba supports startups with possitive impact on our environment, ecology, medicine, education.

Focusingon the transformation of today

Technology platforms will replace the era of the industry.Faba helps and becomes a part of this transformation change.

  • IT, AI, Blockchain
  • Hardware, Robotics
  • Medicine, Ecosystem
  • Invention, Innovation

You can review our smart contract here.

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FABA Token economics

In the first round of investment, Faba wants to support a maximum of 110 projects with the outlook of 11-17 successful projects that will reach evaluation of the initial investment 10-30 times. The rest of the companies will cover only their own expenses, or they will not make it at all. The first investment round has a time horizon of 8 years. In the first 4 years, Faba will concentrate on choosing the projects and following next four years will exit its investment portfolio of acquired business shares.

Faba token has voting rights, holder of 2000 Faba tokens and more has the voting right and can evaluate new startups. We are preparing an interface where it is possible to insert new start-up proposal and vote. Therefore, interesting projects from Faba will be added to this network, and as well projects from Faba tokens holders. If the start-up gets min. 10 % of positive votes out of the total number of Faba tokens (negative voices count as well) will get to the phase of passing. The project gets feedback from the market and Faba is inspired when deciding on investment. The time interval is always a month, and each proposal for start-up, in order to have the appropriate weight, will be charged by the symbolic amount. The application will display projects already supported with a basic reporting and dedicated mentor.

The Rodmap


Alex Nakonechny - CEO
Julia Zajacova - CFO
Radek Zejda - CSO
Lenka Love - Mentor
Maksim Beliaev - Ideamaker Faba Invest
Jonathan Todd - Mentor
Zahar Deina - ICO advisor
Tomas Ditrych - Lawyer
Jan Mejzlik - Lawyer
Nikolai Isayev - Mentor