Check out the BLOG on how to join the Fast Invest Airdrop.

>>Complete a few quick steps to join the Fast Invest (FIT) Airdrop. All steps need to be completed to receive 500 FIT tokens.

>>Referral program is available at Fast Invest, earn up to 5% bonus in ETH of the all friend Investments.

>>You will receive WEEKLY affiliate commission in ETH for holding FIT tokens. Link here

Airdrop rules:

1) Register on Fast Invest website NO KYC required.

2) Complete all the steps of the form.

3) You must stay in the Telegram chat, Facebook, and Twitter followers until the end of the crowdsale.

Not following this rule will result in an ACCOUNT BLOCK.

Form Guide:

1) To set Telegram username: click on the Menu button in the top left of Telegram screen. Select settings and set a username. Copy the username with @.

2) To find your Twitter username: go to your Twitter profile. Your URL will be Copy the username after the /

3) To check your airdrop and referral status go to Fast Invest account overview

4) For questions, please read the Fast Invest airdrop BLOGor reach out via

Distribution 500FIT +10FIT for every invited and registered friend (~5$-32$). will be airdropped to your Fast Invest accounts in a week.