What is Fondocoin about?

Investors can trade top Cryptocurrency safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Access to all potential projects still in the ICO phase. Easy asset management with professional trading interfaces and scientific asset management interface.Other than using Fondo Network's ICO Market as a channel for capital raising. All functions for the token sale process of the project will be prepared by Fondo Network. It will be easier for project owners who want to raise funds by selling their Tokens. Fondo Network builds a smart, multi-Cryptocurrency Exchange that is fast and maximizes profits for investors when processing transactions on Fondo Network platform. In addition, the top security of the Fondo Network will provide clients a safe, reliable experience, as well as ensuring the transaction.

What is the value proposition?

Fondo Network is a centralized Coins Exchange that enables investors to trade Cryptocurrencies in safety, quickly, security and low-cost. And also we promise to protect our clients asset and information. Beside, Fondo Network also builds and develops a system for projects that are raising fund by selling tokens. Specifically, the Fondo Network's ICO Market interface:

  • Supporting on release Token, raising funds for ideas, projects;
  • Selling Tokens for the ICO projects on the Fondo Network;
  • Listing the new potential Altcoins on the Fondo Network to trade

Fondo Network Exchange



Edward Rodgers
Edward Rodgers
Chief Excutive Officer
Joseph Singleton
Joseph Singleton
Chief Technical Officer
Mason Butler
Mason Butler Chief Financial Officer