What is H3O about?

Hydrominersidea behind its second coin offering is to provide the very best option for investors to participate in the mining process. The new fully compliant token that will be regulated by a European financial authority and will be Europe's first security token aims to be priced similar to shares and in this way we expect the value to at least triple within short time.

H3O Token

- total supply will be 1 Billion tokens all tokens will be sold on the market

- Main reason for rise of prices is the transition into an evaluation in terms of price earnings ratios

- The mining process itself is profitable to the extend of about 25% ROI on the capital invested

- Whitelisting is not necessary but KYC is required for investors over 15K USD

H3O Token Value

- H3O is a security next generation token - first of its kind

- H3O will be based on real share after the planned listing of HydroMiner on a stock exchange

- H3O is designed as a shareholder value token

- H3O Value is based on a multiple of earnings

H3O Token Value Calculator

The usual way to evaluate projects in the ICO space is currently the market cap. In fact, however, nobody has yet determined exactly how to measure the success of a venture in terms of market cap. In addition, the usual list of coins on websites like coinmarketcap.com is a mix of very different asset types, including minable assets, vouchers, utilities, and securities. At least when it comes to securities, there is a long established method of evaluation, the price-earnings (P/E) ratio. Besides many other factors, the P/E ratio is the most widely known and used way to quickly determine the over- or undervaluation of a stock, at least relative to other stocks of companies of the same size or in the same industry.

Simply put, the P/E ratio is the price of a share dividend by the earnings per share. Amazon currently has a P/E of 64, Nvidia 33, Volkswagen 13. In essence, this means that the company will need X years to earn out its current stock price. It is also possible to evaluate a security token in the same way. Lets look at how the price of the H3O token could develop based on our results as of December 2017 and January 2018 (which can change in both directions!). With an investment of US$ 1 million, our real time results in the existing mining operations show us that we would be able to earn 24% return on the capital over one year. 44880 55651 69007 8556

Swot analysis

Swot analysis

Team members

Nadine Damblon: Founder, CEO

Michael Marcovici: Co-CEO

Davies Guttmann: CFO

Christian Vogl: CTO

Nicole Damblon: Founder

Alexander Azmann: Marketing

Helmut Schindlwick: Volunteering Technical Consultant

Sebastian Kastner: Technician

Benjamin Guttmann: Project Manager

Karl Maurer: Logistics Axel Ferro: Graphic Design

Enrico Jacono: Graphic Design

Michele Roscelli: Developer

Andreas Achleithner: Operations Engineer

Alexander Valtingojer: Smart Contract Developer

Florian Pircher: Smart Contract Developer

Demelza Hayes: Advisor

Harald Steinbichler: Advisor

Dr. Oliver Vlkel LL.M.: Legal Advisor

Arthur Stadler: Legal Advisor

Bryan Hollman: Legal Advisor

John Holland: Financial Advisor

Christian Daimer: Financial Advisor

Troy Linforth: Security Advisor

Dr. Christian S. Dennstedt: Financial Advisor

Anuj Khanna: Financial Advisor

Kellee Bergendahl: Financial Advisor

Jeff Dillman: Financial Advisor