What is HomeMine?

After production starts, the HMT token may be exchanged for the HomeMine network filter. The HMC coin mined with the help of the device also serves as a means of paying for new network filters based on: 1 HMT = 1 HMC = 1 device = $42

All HomeMine devices are connected to the mining pool of the project in which HomeMineCoin is mined. The mined coins may be sold on a guaranteed basis to the project administration at a fixed rate of $42 per 1 HMC, and the earned money may be withdrawn to a wallet or card.

  • Transparency of settlements
  • Living ecosystem
  • A single equivalent of $42
  • Reverse buy-out of coins

Technical Characteristicsof HomeMine:

  • CPU: 1000MHz
  • ASIC chip: FCBGA481
  • Hash Rate: 1.7 3.1MHs (1.75MHs stable)
  • Operating temperature: 0 40C
  • Power supply: 100-220V AC
  • OS: Linux
  • Power consumption: 0.8 1.1V
  • Mining algorithm: Scrypt

HomeMine Testing are Impressive

To date, 10 HomeMine devices are working in a test mode in different parts of the world: in Mexico, Germany, India, Russia, USA, China and Brazil. The first performance indicators speak for themselves.


is the average ROI of the HomeMine device


days is the average paybackperiod of the device


is the average revenue per device per month

HomeMine on your Smartphone

The HomeMine application for the phone will help you to quickly get the information about the operation of your devices in real time. The application receives the most important data related to the functioning of filters.You can see the average indicator of the device hash rate, the earned HMC coins, progress in kWh before mining the next coin, the total earnings in USD available for withdrawal to the wallet, and much more. All data is always at hand!

Full Data Monitoring

The PC application will make it possible to carry out advanced analytics and estimate the efficiency of HomeMine filters functioning using a set of parameters.You can configure advanced monitoring of working capacity and efficiency of all filters connected to the pool and monitor both the overall statistics and the parameters for each individual filter. The necessary data may also be uploaded to summary reports.

HomeMine Project Development Plan



Development of own mining chip for mass production:

Improvement of the chip based on the existing test sample with maximum performance and stability indicators.


Development of software for accounting energy used for profitability calculation:

Development of a Smart Meter system to monitor the consumed power of appliances connected to the device and transfer these data to the cloud service for processing.


Optimization of the power supply and device safety:

Optimization of the stable chip operation in the set temperature mode and compatibility with other chips that ensure operation of a single-board computer and its systems.


Cloud service for profitability calculation and fee payment:

The cloud service provides transparency of profitability calculation and allows you to order payments or set up auto payments to transfer income to a bank account or cold wallet.


Improvement of industrial design of the device:

Preparation for mass production: creation of a new body, implementation of optimized equipment, taking certification procedures.



Development of mobile applications for basic operations:

Creation of applications for Android and IOS with the help of which you can manage the device, promptly receive profitability calculations and manage payments.


Organization of a production line and fulfillment system:

The production line is planned to be launched in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Arrangement of warehouse accounting and a full cycle of logistics from the warehouse to the door of your house.


Start of equipment mass production:

Start of mass production of HomeMine devices on its own production line.


Placing HMC coins on Bittrex and Poloniex cryptocurrency exchanges:

Upon completion of the delivery of the first batch of HomeMine devices in the scope of 1,000,000 pieces, the HomeMineCoin coin will be requested for placement on key cryptocurrency exchanges.


The start of HMC buyback at a fixed rate on the project site:

Implementation of the project business model that guarantees repurchase of HMC coins mined by devices at a fixed exchange rate of $42.


Organization of fee withdrawal to the bank account or card:

Integration of the external payment system which will allow to pay the mined HMC coins in the Fiat currency, in the ways convenient to participants.


Development of an industrial sample of miner for other types of devices:

Creation of a universal passive miner that can be integrated directly into other electrical appliances.



Development of co-products with electrical manufacturers:

Cooperation with companies that produce household electrical appliances in order to create a joint product with an integrated miner.


Marketing an economical household appliances brand:

Starting the sale of a new kind of dual-purpose household appliances which would compensate expenses on its power consumption at the expense of integrated mining.


Launch of two production lines for the b2b segment:

Organization of production facilities for mass production of a universal miner intended for industrial integration into electrical appliances.


Georgiy Sandarovsky - & Founder
Sergey Kerzhentsev - Designer-developer
Konstantin Melnikov - Chief Engineer
Irina Koroleva - Chief Development Officer
Valentina Smirnova - PR manager, SMM marketer
Maria Ashikhmina - Senior Developer
Konstantin Melekhin - Blockchain Developer
Yuri Kravtsov - WEB designer