What is Kakushin about?

KAKUSHIN Ecosystem is the key, to unlock the doors of immense opportunities and potential by creating an ecosystem necessary for seekers, researchers,innovators, developers, and inventors. KAKUSHIN Ecosystem will prove to be the perfect environment to give birth, nurture, and flourish an idea/concept into a real and viable product, to be used by consumers.


Our vision is to empower innovators & inventors by funding them for research & development & access to an apt & optimum production unit to convert a concept in to a product & a market to sell the innovative & a good quality product which is desired by consumers, technically possible & viable in marketplace trough Kakushin Ecosystem (KES)

Kakushin exchange

K.E. is a trading platform to maintain cash flow and easy conversion of funds and currencies and help maintain a healthy rotation of KKN (Kakushin Coin) in Kakushinomy. It act as a liquidity provider for the Ecosystem, any Inventor/Buyer/Investor (Individual or Hedge Funds) can convert their fiat cryptocurrency to KKN token for their corresponding need.

Kakushin incubation & nursing centre

KINC is a unified platform to learn about ICOs, invest in ICO, Launch ICO and Track existing ICO mainly targeting innovative &/or eco-friendly, ideas and products.

Kakushin marketplace

KMP is a well-organized, well maintained and authentic online store to sell, lease and purchase innovative and eco-friendly intellectual properties and products using KKN.

What is the value proposition?

Kakushin is a single globally sourced decentralized platform that can help innovators to get funds. Powered by Ethereum Blockchain.


Kakushin roadmap

Team members

Chandan Indoria(CEO & Co-founder)

Sachin Bhagava(Co-founder & CTO)

Amit Dubey(Co-founder & CMO)

Marco De Corso(Co-founder & CBO)

Andreas Fink(Advisor)

Vladimir Ninov(Advisor)

Laurent H Selles(Advisor)

Sydney Ifergan(Advisor)

Kunal Karani(Advisor)

Birendra Khadka(Advisor)

Jan Kulisek(Advisor)

Krystelle Galano(Advisor)

Darrell Emmanuel(Advisor)

Bopanna K K(Advisor)

Gaurav Mehra(Advisor)

Yash Mehra(Advisor)