Kryptoro is the newest user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that will make cryptocurrencies more accessible to all. Our vision is to create a cryptocurrency exchange that exhibits all the features and functionality of high-end cryptocurrency exchanges and combine it with visually-appealing UI and simple UX. In addition, we aim to bring users all the necessary resources they need, on platform, gone are the days of having multiple tabs opened made up of twitter, news articles and various metrics. Kryptoro will provide live news events, social media feeds and sentiment analysis for every asset we offer. Our aim is for our clients to wonder how they ever traded their digital assets without us.


Poorly scaling infrastructure Complicated & daunting UI’s No / slow fiat transaction processing Provision of credit card crypto purchases Lack of support & education tools present on other platforms


Here at Kryptoro our team has over 12 years of experience in building technology products for a multitude of clients, from banks and financial service providers to museums and fast food outlets. We believe this puts us in the privileged position of knowing exactly what end users need.

Kryptoro will provide users all the resources they need to make investment decisions, right there on the platform! Having been actively involved in cryptocurrency trading from as early as 2012 we have managed to identify the shortcomings of previous exchanges and will ensure none of these present themselves in the Kryptoro Exchange.