What is Liger Coin?

Liger is a Cryptocurrency which brings together two Giants: The thriving Gaming Community and the Emerging Blockchain Technology. Liger aspires to be the 'Cryptocurrency of Choice' for the Gaming Industry. Liger creates the Utility for its Tokens through creating an expansive Community of Gamers (Casinos / Fantasy Sports & Live Sports Betting) and Service Providers through the 'peer to peer' exchange feature of the Blockchain Technology. Liger disrupts the existing process by eliminating all intermediaries in the Gaming, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports betting Industry.

Where is Liger based?

Liger is based out of Malta. The Crypto Friendly Government and Casino legacy of Malta creates the perfect synergy with Liger.

What are Ligers main goals?

  • To achieve 1% market share by value in 5 years from inception across the identified Industries (Online and Offline Casinos, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports)
  • To drive LIGER as the currency of choice for the identified Industries. LIGER will use the Blockchain Technology to create adequate content and utility through the LIGER crypto currency.
  • To provide superior speed of transactions to both the User and Service Provider with an assurance of complete safety and transparency. To provide all the stakeholders a hassle free and real time settlements.

Are Liger tokens Utility Tokens or Security Tokens or currency? And How?

Liger tokens are Utility tokens as Token Holders can utilise Liger tokens only on Liger affiliated online casino portals, fantasy sports websites , live sports betting and the most unique Live betting at an actual casino through Liger Mobile App. Ligers with its unique staking mechanism based on Howeys Test enables token holders to stake their tokens with Liger thus making them a part of profit sharing. Hence Liger is neither a currency nor a security token.

What are the advantages of Liger for users?

  • Live participation in Offline Tables from the comfort of Home through Liger App.
  • No negative impact on Credit Ratings due to spends at Casinos or other Gaming POS.
  • Instant credit of Wins to the wallet in Liger Tokens.
  • Zero interference of Govt & Financial Institutions on spends.

What are the advantages of Liger for merchants?

  • Reduced cost of Customer acquisition through direct contact with a large Gaming Community.
  • Negligible transaction charges in comparison to Conventional Banking charges.
  • Incremental funds through the Staking mechanism.
  • Penetration and reach to Gamers from restricted Geography through the online integration.

What perks do I get as a Liger gamer?

Liger benefits for Gamers are manifold

  • Gamers will get extra chips as a promotion for using Liger Tokens in the tied up and Ligers own Offline Casinos, Online Casinos, Fantasy sports and Live Betting websites. Such bonuses will NOT be available to the fiat users.
  • Liger Tokens will be accepted across a large number of Merchants within the identified Industry. Hence, Liger Tokens will have a high utility.
  • Liger Token holders will be able to place bets at Live Casino tables from remote locations.

How will my Credit Ratings be unaffected by using Liger?

With Liger, the usage is completely anonymous and the Gaming Enthusiasts have no fear of Negative credit ratings based on the Bank's perception the Gaming and Wagering Industry.



Francis Fitzpatrick - Founder & CEO
Pratyush Bhartiya - Co-Founder
Christopher Moore - Co-Founder
Dave Carlson - Director
Piyush Tiwari - Director - Head of Business Technology
+4 others