What is Localflow about

Localflow wants to tackle the centralization of technological and economical power many Tech giants have accumulated. They have high local impact for example renting houses, giving rides, delivering pizzas, etc. taking every time enourmous amount of fees (between 8-20%). Chatbots otherwise can live in many different apps becoming multiplatforms bridge between internet and reality, because Localflow chatbots will inherently be associated with services, through geolocation, in same area where the user lives.

Value proposition

Localflow aims to be a crypto mass adoption tool, with a search engine for different crypto services, bringing non-crypto users to the game. This is why the @localflowbot on telegram is already giving EWA tokens to users. Localflow is fostering local exchanges worldwide. In the realm of Digital Local Economy, "Sharing economy services" have high fees, local data are fragmented within different data providers in every local areas and the management of user data is not transparent. Too many apps and web interfaces makes search of informations annoying.

We are creating a secure decentralized AI- chatbots- blockchain tool: a platform where local businesses can reach and serve customers more efficiently than traditional digital channels directly through chats. Different entities can list their information making them searchable in the same local search engine.

The Token- EWA

Total Token supply - 1 Billion

40% of the tokens are released in the market, tokens can raise their value if demand is high enough, our project wants to directly create local network using the service pushing business adoption through rewards to local influencers that bring people in.

Investors don't need to get whitelisted.


The precise roadmap is published on localflow.com.

The development efforts in the first 18 months after the token launch will include:

AI local economy engine

study of real economy collected datasets from early adopters and retailers

deep learning models and algorithm tuning

hybrid human-AI engine

Bot creation platform

infrastructure, models, open collaborative interface

open module and template management

Ewa local assistant; MAM-based local search

EWA rewarding system:

smart contracts for the token circulation;


third party integrated Exchange; localflow.com

- Whitepaper v0.4 15/24

IOTA, EWA conversion layer; IOTA, EWA, FIAT wallets

Payment gateways

API for third party services

hooks for third party chatbot frameworks and services

Decentralized deployment framework

Team members

Enrico Fusto

Thomas Agnoli

Samuele Maran

Nicola Iannelli

Daniel Dubois

Andrea Battaggia

Stefano Della Valle

Sascha Radatz

Marcello Pichini

Michele De Battista

Hasina Mampianina


Yessin Schiegg - CFO Status.im

Jacopo Tagliabue

Daniel Dubois

Eric Leandri - CEO Qwant