What is Mandala?

Knowledge is power and understanding the playing field before you even start the game is just the beginning when it comes to successful trading and investing. Cryptocurrencies and digital asset exchanges are elusive for most, where complexity and limited resources skew an already arduous landscape.

Mandala is here to change that with tools and resources that empower and educate users, increase profit potential, balance participation in the blockchain space and accelerate mass adoption.

Providing an enhanced trading platform,Mandala is dedicated to the user experience.


Mandalas step by step resources and tutorials can equip individuals with tools and knowledge that shift reactive strategies into proactive trading and investment decision making. Starting with the basics, cultivating awareness, expertise and sound judgment is an essential part of developing a firm grasp of market dynamics.


Customer support is a top priority for the Mandala team, recognizing that a service is only as great as the users who make it a success. With you in mind, Mandala will provide a portal designed to get you the answers you need with expedience and sensibility driving our customer service mandate.


Trading and investing doesnt have to be a solo venture. Mandala will introduce a next generation social aspect to the platform rewarding contributors through use of the MDX token and for their participation in the community. Without connectivity we wouldnt have come this far, shifting from the internet of things to the internet of value.

Transforming the user experience, Mandala modernizes

Transforming the user experience, Mandala modernizes and adapts to the needs of tomorrow.


Users will have more control than ever before with a streamlined user-centric interface built on top of a trading engine capable of handling millions of transactions per second. Automatic on-site trading tools, analytics and AI-derived strategies will complement the experience delivered through Mandalas cutting edge trading platform.


Mandala offers a competitive fee structure through the exchange platform where users will be able to utilize MDX tokens to save significantly more during their trading and investment activities. You earned those profits. Shouldnt you hang on to them?


Bringing cryptocurrency and digital assets to the masses by overcoming the limitations of tomorrow. Our foresight and ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape enables the Mandala team to continually refine our platform through unmatched trading capabilities, educational resources and enhanced user security.

Mandala - A cryptocurrency trading platform built for seasoned investors and novices alike.

Having a plan and knowing when to change strategies is half the battle. Organization, platform functionality and customizable tools and resources delivered through a clean workspace are paramount to success as a trader. The Mandala exchange improves the user experience with flexibility through customization, allowing individuals to take full advantage of the trading platform and create the interface that works for them.

MDX tokens can push yourportfolio further.

MDX token owners can unlock exclusive features and resources giving them an edge as they apply the Mandala platform to their trading and investment strategy.

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Meet the Mandala Team

As users, market participants and students of blockchain technologies, the Founders of the Mandala Exchange brought together a team of like-minded individuals, determined to change the state of the digital asset industry. Unusable and over complicated platforms limit the rate of adoption of cryptocurrency and digital asset trading often excluding individuals from participating in the industry as investors and traders. Mandala provides an investment avenue designed around the needs and expectations of market participants. In achieving our goals, Mandala will work directly with international regulators and lawmakers to ensure that its services are compliant, safe and secure.

Nate Flanders - Co-Founder & CEO
Anant Handa - Co-Founder & CSO
Trevor Soares - CMO
Zach Daniels - CTO
David Hoverman - Director of Operations
Justin Hart - Director of Digital Marketing
Jerry Das - Director of Motion Graphics
Sam Jadali - Director of IT Operations
Darrell Prins - Senior Designer
Will Smith - Project Manager
Andrew Carman - Business Development
John Boyce III - Community Leader
Eric Slonaker - Community Leader
Zachary Lutes - Community Leader
Randy Hilarski - Social Media Strategist
Anabell Hilarski - Social Media Strategist
Meredith Darden - Social Media Strategist
Bridget Vandenbosch -Director of Communications