What is Metabase?

We make it easy for you to launch next generation businesses on an easy to use and scalable Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Platform.


Were developing Metabase to solve some of the worldsbiggestchallenges by cultivating the untapped ingenuityof makers and innovators around the world.

Who we serve?


deliver new products and services quicker than ever before. From concept to launch founders can deliver new products and services quicker than ever before.

Small Business

We eliminate the difficulty and technological hurdles that are inherent in many blockchain platforms. Adopt, integrate, and take your business to the next level. Develop enterprise grade solutions that will help you grow your business.


Progressive organizations that embrace change, can use Metabase to reinvent themselves and create sustainable futures.Re-invent the competitive arena and developing game-changing applications that can power collaborative industry consortiums.


Develop a blockchain infrastructure that enables industrial, private/public collaboration. Equip your emerging smart nation with a digital infrastructure that facilitates innovation and powers the evolving services and outcomes your citizens demand.



A scalable and extensible blockchain platform that helps you build decentralized applications with high throughput demands.


A secure and robust blockchain platform that helps you leverage security libraries to build reliable applications.


An easy to use and customizable blockchain platform that empowers developers with customisable platform-level libraries and intuitive developer tools.


A comprehensive governance mechanism built into the protocol fostering a commonwealth network that can adapt with evolving business, social, and technical needs.


Our Start


June - Concept development and research

01 /Primary research on the limits and pain points of existing public blockchain protocols.Scaling blockchains exponentially.

02 /Advancing Blockchain based virtual machines.

03 /Crypto-economic modeling to handle exponential scaling.

04 /Defining a blockchain based Governance system.

05 /Blockchain basedidentity sub-system.

December - White Paper

Our focus during this period was to consolidate our research and turn this into a comprehensive position paper and technical white paper.


March - Token sale development

Our token sale economics is designed and drafted. with our token sale, we defined our pricing model for our Pre-sale and Main-sale. We finalisedtoken issuancemechanics, the miner rewards, and total token supply over time.

Core Node &Governance Design


May - Blockchain system, utility design & development

01 / Identification of base cryptographic algorithms to be utilized for the protocol.

02 /Define standard structure for address, transaction, and blocks.

03 /Develop storage and search methods for transaction and blocks, as a library across one / multiple languages and frameworks.

04 /Define standards for HD wallets schematics.

August - Core Blockchain development

The codeding the protocol base node. The node implementation is ideally done in one language and replication of the same is done over other commonly used languages.

01 /Develop the protocol's base node in at least 2 implementations.

02 / Each Node must adhere to scalability based on chain splitting and controlled forking.

03 /We will develop the node to incorporate our governance framework.

04 /Each node will incorporate ourmonetary policy and crypto-economicsprinciples defined in the token sale model.

05 /Each node will follow the dual consensus logic of Proof of work and DPoS for Mining / Validation processes.

06 /the node, at it's base, will provide for user account management system along with secured storage.

November - Governance framework development

01 /Develop a Subchain based on DPoS for governance framework

02 /Identification of all axioms to be included in Metabase axiom table and governed by Governance process

03/Development of monetary policy functions

04/Defining limits for economic governance by virtue of Governance framework

05 /Utilizing the power of controlled forking to enable chain splits

06 /Governance process to also define the basic, and open OpCodes, and its subsequent definitions, such that any addition or alteration to the base opcodes can only be done by the protocol's governance process


Jan 2019 Feb 2019 - Launching Testnetand Main-net

Upon development of base blockchain nodes and client a testnet would be launched by Jan 2019 which demonstrates all the basic utility of proposed by metabase blockchain and its associated governance framework.

Jan 2019 - Virtual Machine

The Metabase virtual machine will be integrated to the governance framework. The base functional requirement to develop MVM are as follows:

01 / Designing the base Virtual machine so that it enables, and can accomadate Augmented OpCode

02 / The implementation of the MVM will be modular and portable across various implementations

03 / MVM will have a base opcode code set and augmented. opcode logic can be derived using base opcode definitions and computed smoothly

04 / Costing dynamics for base opcode and augmented opcodes will be defined.

05 / MVM will be linked to the governance framework so that the base opcodes or Augmented opcodes are directly incorporated by all the nodes on the network

06 / Security testing of MVM will be done at this phase as this is a piece of code which remains static

07 / MVM should enable dynamic state transition across chains in order to meet address state transition over scaled blockchains

08 / MVM must not allow deletion or edits to existing opcodes

09 / Define mechanics to design, develop and test newly created opcodes

10 / Base security principles required to develop / define new opcodes and instruction sets needs to be put forth and all opcodes defined must adhere to these rule sets

11 / The Primary goal of MVM is to enable a framework which takes the current structure of smart contracts to a more advanced level of capabilities and security

Apr 2019 Aug 2019 - Augmented code based Compiler and dynamic Higher level programming language

Designing the augmented OpCode based compiler is a real challenge as the Opcodes can be dynamically added by the users and the compiler is expected to adapt to newly added opcodes. For Successful development of compiler the following is required.

01 /Designing a compiler which adheres to dynamic opcodes

02 /The compiler in conjunction with MVM should enable facility to create smart contracts

03/The Ideal situation, regarding the complexity of the system, is to develop only one compiler based on communityinterest, howevermultiple compiler development can be and option

04 /There should be communication mechanics between the compiler and the MVM which defines the list of opcodes openly available for compiler use.

05 /The compiler must always rely on trusted opcode agreed and trusted by all the nodes

Apr 2019 Sep 2019 - Ray and Spectrum networks

The ray and spectrum networks enable instant P2P transaction using off chain mechanics. Ray networks are used to transfer value while Spectrum networks are utilized to enable P2P off-chain transactions for smart contracts. The following are our requirements

01 /Ray network must enable P2P off-chain transaction but not be limited to one channel. each user must be able to create multiple channels for off chain transactions, with the base limits for each off-chain transaction to communicate with the main chain after a defined number of transaction. These transaction limits will be defined by the protocol's governance mechanism

02 /The Ray network must be dynamic, where in each transaction is self sustained with limits defined and agreed by the system.

03 / Each Individual ray network must start from its anchor point in main chain, and resolve with main chain after a defined number of transactions, specified by the network

Sep 2019 Dec 2019 - Identity Subsystem

Identity Systems are crucial for next generation of blockchain. this is a crucial area to develop. Most public blockchains, identity systems are an externality. We intend to create a identity system which is internal to the system.

01 / incorporating the protocol's base structure, the VM and our proposed governance system will be used to develop and enable an inclusive identity sub-system

02 / The identity subsystem is non enforcing in nature, but will be developed to be a default feature

Ecosystem Development

Jun 2019 Dec 2019 - Tools design and development

During this phase the tools are designed which ensure that normal user can also interface with the metabase. The tools must have following characteristics:

01 /All tools wil be easy to use and designed for beginners in blockchain development

02 /Tools will include native cryptocurrency wallets, mobile wallets and interface libraries to interact and develop applications

03 /Our tolls will be designed to enable users to create compilers which is easy to use and operate for applications on our protocol

04 / The toolset will be developed for the Metabase. Our tools will not be limited to the developer community, but will extend to the miners on the network.

Jun 2019 Dec 2019 - Mining ecosystem development

01 /Develop mining software for pooled mining

02 /Developing mining software for GPU

03 /Setting up and helping community set up mining nodes


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