What is NOIA Network?

NOIA enables hundreds of thousands of computers to serve as points of presence (POP's) for web content caching and delivery through local ISP networks around the world.

Bandwidth sharing

Any machine with internet access, including PC's, laptops, servers or dedicated NOIA Edge devices, can all be employed to contribute to the NOIA Network and earn rewards in NOIA tokens.


Every website and application in both the current and decentralized internet can use NOIA for content delivery to not only decrease expenses but also realize more efficient content distribution.

Better way to deliver content

Utilization of unused resources throughout the world to form a cooperative, widely dispersed and decentralized network for efficient content delivery.

Designed to deliver the future content

NOIA will substantially reduce content delivery costs and enable 4K, VR, AR and gaming content scaling.

Unlimited availability

The network of hundreds of thousands of nodes wont have any geographical limitations. Especially the emerging regions will benefit from it.

Next-gen technology

Our P2P content delivery protocol employs relevant parts of Peer Exchange (PEX), Bittorrent, Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Websocket wire protocols.

CDN for the new internet

Designed to deliver any type of content and fit seamlessly with either the current or the decentralized hosting solutions.

NOIA Node Client

By installing the NOIA Node Client, anybody can rent out their unused bandwidth and storage space to participate in the NOIA Network and act as a POP for content delivery. It is a Node.js application that can be run on any Linux, Windows or MacOS machine.



ZhiCheng (Miao) Miao
Miao Zhicheng NOIA architect / blockchain developer
Domas Povilauskas
Domas Povilauskas Co-founder / Business
Virginijus Magelinskas
Virginijus Magelinskas
CDN architect
Kipras Kazlauskas
Kipras Kazlauskas Co-founder / Investments
Domantas Jaskunas
Domantas Jaskunas
Co-founder / Operations

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