ONSTELLARWhy You Should Participate The marriage of blockchain and a subject-specific social media platform is a revolutionary idea!

ONSTELLAR summarized ONSTELLAR is a new blockchain-powered social media network built as the first platform designed exclusively for the enlightened community. From the paranormal to the metaphysical, the unexplained lives here. Powered by the blockchain, the ONSTELLAR ecosystem is tailored to introduce members to the exciting world of cryptocurrency, while at the same time providing opportunities to earn income, meet new people, engage with industry professionals and gain access to amazing products, services and eventsall while enjoying a world-class user experience.

What problems are we solving?

The modern social platforms excel at attracting more users by offering ever-expanding services, which are free of charge.

But there is a real cost to our participation and growing dependency upon these platforms:

Our privacy is constantly being assaulted.

Censorship is on the rise in dramatic fashion

Major platforms have been caught in creepy social engineering experiments

Billions of social media users generate substantial revenue for the industry, but dont receive a fair share of the profits and value creation.

But thats not all. Most platforms are very generically targeting the mainstream, which leaves many special interest groups out in the cold.

ONSTELLAR wants to change that:

Tribal behavior of mainstream social media users discourages free thought

Fans of the paranormal, the unexplained, the metaphysical and conspiracy theories dont have a place to connect, collaborate and earn together

Web marketing and digital expertise is hard to master, creating a lack of opportunity for lay-people to break in

Professionals seek to grow their audience but must expend significant resources to find new fans across the vast digital expanse Our one-of-a-kind platform brings together the best of modern technology and subject-specific resources into one place to dramatically change the paradigm.

What is our solution?

ONSTELLAR is the next critical step in combining social media with cryptocurrency. Designed for a growing enlightened global community and focused exclusively on the extraordinary, profound and metaphysical, ONSTELLAR will be the first platform of its kind to focus on connecting like-minded individuals with a revolutionary and unique experience. By offering a transparent, open marketplace for its members, ONSTELLAR promises to be the heartbeat and nexus for expanding knowledge in our wondrous world.

The ONSTELLAR ecosystem is tailored to engage members in the exciting world of cryptocurrency, while at the same time providing opportunities to earn income, meet new people, engage with industry professionals and gain access to singular products, services and events. While enjoying a world-class user experience, our members will have access to the largest publicly-available digital archive of curiosity-quenching audio, video, publications, images, newspaper clippings and investigative documents.

What are the technology hurdles you must overcome to launch ONSTELLAR?

Very few actually. The ONSTELLAR technology is based on the well-established Steem blockchain. By operating our ecosystem from the Steem blockchain, we are able to safely implement our business model, including many of the features on the roadmap while also enjoying a robust, tested and proven infrastructure. Additionally, we are User Interface / User Experience experts. This means we know how to integrate the best of existing social media platforms in a efficient and easy-to-use fashion in order to deliver our members with a world class experience.

How is the community receiving ONSTELLAR?

Everyone is very excited! Just look at our testimonials that come from many of the biggest names in the industry.


Scott Leslie, CEO

Sarah Alkaff, Senior Art Designer

Desh Weragoda, Senior Vice President

Noman Khokher, Project Manager

+ 12 others

What makes you capable of executing on this opportunity?

Our team brings a set of skills to cover all aspects of the business. They have solid experience in business administration, finance, business development, social media, blockchain, cryptocurrency, marketing and promotion of unique projects. Our key contributors and advisors are the top names in the industry encompassing everything from the paranormal to the metaphysical.

How are you different than other social platforms in the market?

There is no other social platform targeting this market and certainly no collective of individuals that comes anywhere close to our team. This is truly a very unique opportunity. 5. The Market As total worldwide social media users approach 3 billion, its safe to say that the social media industry is huge, and still growing. When people think of social media, Facebook immediately comes to mind.

Indeed, the Nielsen Group says Internet users within the United States spend more time on Facebook than any other website. But there are many social media companies worldwide, focusing on content-sharing, interaction and collaboration across different communities of people or coworkers.

The most popular include:

Facebookwidely-used free social networking site that allows users to upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues

Twitterfree microblogging service where registered members share short posts called tweets; members can broadcast tweets and follow other users tweets through multiple platforms and devices

Instagramfree image-sharing application that encourages users to share pictures and videos with approved followers or the public

LinkedIna social networking site designed for business and professional engagement, featuring coworker and employer peer reviews

Steemita social news website and forum where stories are socially curated and promoted by site members, Steemit is revolutionary in its revenue-sharing approach All of this online activity is memorialized, synthesized, analyzed and monetized along with billions of other people, real value creation is happening. Indeed, as of mid-2017, the top 6 social networks had a combined enterprise value totaling just under $600 Billion USD.