What is Payperblock about?

Payperblock platform connects the best blockchain talents with the most promising blockchain projects by offering a transparent and fair platform with lowest fees possible.

The vision

Leading the way for a smarter future, by connecting the right talents with the right jobs, so that every potential blockchain project has the best prerequisite to succeed.

Our number one goal is to offer transparent and fair platform with lowest fees possible.Its that simple.

what is the value proposition?

It intends to make the freelance world more trustful, organized, and reliable. At PAYPERBLOCK, the structure of the marketplace operations is intentionally kept as autonomously distributed. One of the main focuses of the company is to keep everything fair for both clients and freelancers.

The PAYB Token

To obtain funds to put the business plan of Payperblock in action, the ICO process will be used. In this approach, tokens will be distributed as a way of providing people a stake in the organization. A grand total of 10 billion Payperblock tokens will be minted for the freelancing platform business operations.

Token distribution

Out of all the tokens minted:

45% will be made available to general public for purchase

25% of the tokens will be reserved for the task of future development of cold storage

15% for the development team and project advisors

15% for the bounty program and bonus provisions on the Payperblock platform


Team members

Jani Kaipainen
Jani Kaipainen Operations Manager
Samuel Kuosmanen
Samuel Kuosmanen Team Lead

Adeolu Osho - CEO

Jaakko Asikainen - Development Lead

Mukti Paudel - FrontEnd / BackEnd

Ilkka Koiste - Server / Web

Juha Leskinen - Developer

Susana Marquinez - Designer

Salla Rahja - Lead Designer

Forhadul Islam - Full Stack Developer

Tobore Itoje - Marketing Manager

Jan-Markus Mrt - UI/UX Designer, FrontEnd


Marja Hohti - Director, legal services

Mika Lammi - Head of IoT Business Development