What is Peoplewave about?

Peoplewave is a blockchain HR software company, created with a simple purpose to make work fair. Peoplewave will utilise blockchain technology to establish a distributed database of accurate and verified performance and employment data, available to both employers and employees. By cutting out the middlemen, Peoplewave will re-invented the HR industry from pre-employment screening, background checks to recruitment, talent acquisition and employee performance management.

What is the value proposition?

Peoplewave's Wavebase solution gives employees ownership of their work performance data, and moves it to the blockchain. Verified performance data can then be used for pre-employment checks, recruitment and ongoing performance management. For recruitment, this flips the current model on its head - employers can now search very specific and detailed information, including on the job performance.

For background screening, companies can get an accurate reference of new hires - their skills, experience and on-the-job delivery. For performance management, employees now have an ongoing view of their performance regardless of who their manager is, what job title they hold and which company employs them. Ultimately Peoplewave saves companies money, reduces employee turnover and is the most accurate way to identify and recruit the best talent.

PWV Token

1,200,000,000 PWV tokens with 42% being available in pre-sale and public ICO. The pre-sale token price is 0.05 USD. This will rise at the time of the public ICO. PWV tokens are the marketplace and economy between companies that need to access employee data (performance, recruitment and pre-employment checks) and employees that own their performance data. The value goes up as commercial demand for quality candidates, and ongoing performance history rises. The price is dictated by this market demand. Early token purchasers will need to go through a KYC and whitelisting process via the www.peoplewaveico.io website.

Bonus: Up to 75% to 95%

PWV Token Sale


Team members

Damien Cummings Founder Chief Executive Officer

Phil Aldridge Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer

Eugene Lim Chief Investment Officer

Micky Lin Vice President, Marketing

Yeng Wai Leong Vice President, Product Management

Stephen Walker Vice President, Peoplewave Australia & New Zealand

Aurelia Jessica UX & Creative Lead

Jason Zhuo Sales Director

Ariunaa Enkhamgalan Digital Marketing Executive

Shaun Yim Digital Marketing Executive

Emerald Faye Bagares General Manager, Philippines

Rosemale-John II Villacorta Development Lead

Norbert Feria Project Manager

Francis Claide Magallen Developer

Alvin Caralos Developer

Kszyr Ver Cobrador Developer

Arthur Yap Developer

CJ Ronxel Cabug-os Developer

Gemrald Calibara Quality Assurance Analyst

Advisers: Simon Cocking - Renowned ICO Adviser

Mallika Gadepalli - Human Resources

Philippa (Pip) Penfold - Human Resources

Sanjeeb Chaudhuri - Financial, Sales & Marketing

Rachel Huang - Sales & Marketing

Jay Pring - Sales & Marketing

Cameron Crawford - Legal

Jefrey Gomez - Strategy