What is Provoco?

Blockchain, smart contracts and utility token monetization have enabled the rise of a new generation social network. The Provoco social challenge network is an example of how blockchain technology offers trust, openness and security that may be beneficial for mass users, where everyone will find their own space.

Monetization and gamification will give incentives to raise, accept and accomplish a wide range of private and public challenges, creating thousands of engaging activities and content. This makes Provoco a social network with more engaging content, targeting everyone from teenagers to adults to seniors worldwide.

Social network

Main idea of Provoco.me is a social network, where every member can create and take challenges. Also there will be a lot of high quality and interesting video content accessible for every portal visitor. Here we will apply closed social network features and advantages of video portals as well. Search and review of attractive content and opportunities for advertising may promote one to become an active member of challenges portal.

Reputation system

Provoco.me has all usual social network features and is based on unique solutions also. Blockhain solution will help in automation and ensures that agreement is legit between author of challenge and executor of challenge. Reputation system that we created will enable network community to take unprejudiced decision when confirming challenges.

It is separate system which will be based on social pooling mechanism and will eliminate possibility to cheat. This system could be used not in this network only, but also in e-democracy projects, where unprejudiced opinion is needed.

Key pillars for growing Provoco.me into a big worldwide social network:

  • Crazy, fun, engaging challenges that will attract many users
  • Used daily for various small challenges that are especially popular among millennials
  • Monetization with gamification principles using VOCO utility tokens will keep the users engaged
  • Transparent smart contract signatures and community voting ensures trust
  • Big serious challenges, dealing with global issues such as poverty, hunger, health, accessibility and environmental issues, as well as dealing with global innovations such as high tech, smart cities or medical development might have an enormous positive impact for entire humanity

Lets look at the challenge as a motivational tool for creating something funny, something beneficiary for someone or even something valuable for the entire human society. We believe that with PROVOCO, people will together bring more happiness to the world!

Prices, bonuses:

Pre-ICO: 1550-1440 VOCO for 1ETH

ICO: 1330-1000 VOCO for 1ETH

Pre-ICO bonuses: Up to 55%.

ICO Bonuses: Up to 33%

Min. investment 0.1 ETH