What is Qurrex?

Qurrex aims to be the hybrid crypto exchange. It wants to integrate industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network.

Potential Qurrex Customers

What are Qurrex key features?

  • Throughput >=70,000 trx/sec.
  • Latency: <= 650s at 99%
  • Capacity >= millions of connections
  • Zero loss of data


Integration of CEX and DEX with the Single Order Book.

  • CEX with high-end performance for algo- and HFT-traders
  • DEX with high liquidity of Single Order Book

  • Security System Infrastructure of Traditional Exchanges
  • Secure cold storage
  • Hot wallets insurance programs
  • Supervision by recognized IT Security Company

  • Algo trading functionality embedded in GUI
  • Auto-copying of trading signals
  • Wide range of analytics tools & charts
  • Social Trading Segment
  • Information Services (Real-Time Market Data Sources and Analytics)
  • Non-Trading Segment (Corporate Services, Market Technology, Trade Management Services)


We plan to provide Qurrex with high liquidity thanks to:

  • Cooperation with major liquidity providers
  • Qurrexs sufficient liquidity fund
  • Best practice in launching new instruments


We will be the first at cryptomarket acting as traditional public company

  • Maximum formalization of all processes (rulebook etc.)
  • Regular disclosure of financial statements and reports
  • Annual audit by Big 4

Who is Qurrex for? Who are the potential customers?

Below is an initial list of potential customers:

  • Active clients of crypto-exchanges
  • Algorithmic and arbitrage traders, HFT
  • Other crypto exchanges and exchanges that need high liquidity
  • Classic and FX traders
  • Institutional and corporate investors, cryptocurrency funds

Qurrex Hybrid Architecture

Qurrex architucture will be built in synergy of:

Blockchain technology- ensures secure storage, eliminates intermediary and provides aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including the centralized node


Centralized node- centralized exhange (CEX) with performance comparable to modern, cutting edge stock exchanges

Featured functions of the hybrid exchange

  • formation of an aggregated order book based on quotes collected from all the systems nodes (both the centralized and decentralized nodes);
  • dissemination of the aggregated order book to the blockchain nodes;
  • choice of the blockchain nodes with the best instrument prices/quotes to place the order submitted by a client (if the order is not marketable, it is entered in the order book of the original system node);
  • sending the order to the selected system node (for marketable order); entry of information on the order into the blockchain (for queuing order);
  • receipt of execution confirmation.

Qurrex execution logic

Each node of the hybrid exchange provides the Best Execution service to the user. Broker companies operating in countries with a developed financial market are obliged to provide the Best Execution service. In Qurrex this service is implemented by a special module Smart Order Router, which is part of all the blockchain nodes, incluing the centralized (CEX) node.

Execution logic

Qurrex DEX blockchain is built of two types of nodes: confirming nodes and user nodes. The DEX protocol allows confirming nodes to charge other nodes a commission for the deals and transactions. The commission is charged in the deals's (transaction's) cryptocurrency.

There is a special kind of trading orders: DEX Cross-Chain cross-platform atomic orders (transactions). Cross-platform orders are charged just once, when being placed on decentralized nodes. Such orders are included in blocks as DEX transactions, while the confirming nodes charge their commission.

Qurrex founds special cryptocurrencies (qBTC, qETH). A trader can exchange these cryptocurrencies through DEX and his trades are to be charged for the deals theirselves, not for separate blockchain transactions.

Qurrex roadmap

  • 2001 - 2014- Legacy product
  • Nov 2017- Qurrex prototype
  • Feb-Apr 2018- Token sale
  • Jun 2019- Qurrex trading functional
  • Sep 2019- Social trading services
  • Dec 2019- Launch hybrid platform

Qurrex token sale structure

Token distribution

  • 78.6% Crowdsale
  • 4.3% Bounty fund
  • 6.4% Loyalty program
  • 3.6% Pre ICO Investors
  • 7.1% Team

Crowdsale Funds distribution

  • 13% Team
  • 4% Legal
  • 11.1% Operation costs
  • 10.3% Marketing
  • 29.5% CEX
  • 7.7% DEX
  • 12.9% Liquidity program
  • 11.5% Interface

Qurrex Core Team

More team members