What is REM Loyalty about?

REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based ecosystem for loyalty rewards programs, linking both crypto and traditional consumer communities. With REM, consumers can easily manage multiple loyalty programs as well as purchase, exchange and redeem partnered reward points. REMs App Wallet offers secure and fast transactions and the industrys highest cash back redemption rate. Loyalty program partners also benefit through enhanced revenues, smart analytics and and easy to adopt APIs. Powered by Stellar, REM helps you unlock the value of your rewards.

What is the value proposition?

An effective customer loyalty program can help businesses win the mindshare of their top 5% customers who bring in 30% of the revenue. With approximately $100 billion US in loyalty points left unclaimed in North America, this provides a case for REM Loyalty to disrupt the limitations of the current loyalty reward programs with the support of blockchain.

REM Loyalty is unlike other projects in a few ways:

Backstop value

1. MVP from day

1 - no soft cap

2. Global Redemption partners from day 1

3. Works with existing loyalty programs and provides a program for those without 4. Highest cash redemption rate in Loyalty industry

5. Program changes only by vote

6. Partnered with a new global loyalty initiative rewarding rent

Interactions with the technology

REM Loyalty is developing its own digital wallet that features a built-in Rewards Market made to manage and to redeem points from partnering programs. The REM Wallet will be available from Day 1 with features not typical of crypto wallets, such as:

  • Conversion to rewards points of any partnered loyalty program
  • Redemption to any partnered loyalty program
  • Scan and receive REM through QR bar codes with partnered products
  • Voting on significant community issues
  • Fiat redemption to a large choice of currencies at any time
  • Buy and sell REM and convert to other crypto currencies (when 35% of REM are sold or August 28 whichever is sooner)

The REM token

1000000000 REM tokens will be sold at 0.04 USD. Biggest reasons for token's value to increase over time? More partners in the ecosystem providing greater choices for customers, leading to greater number of redemptions/transactions, increasing value of the REM through redemptions, token purchases and exchanges.

Team members

Full name: Zdravko Loborec

Position: Founder

Short Bio: Zdravko has spent the past 17 years as a Partner with Deloitte Consultings global executive. His work in client service and innovative mobile platforms has been recognized with design awards (Bamboo, 2012) . He has studied Design Thinking at UC Berkeley and Stanford University which has led him to co-found REM Loyalty to bring better rewards to RentalMiles clients. Zdravko has also spear-headed the loyalty partnership negotiations to date and has initiated card issuer agreements across North America.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zdravko-loborec-5073a4154/

Full name: Jeremy Friesen

Position: Co-Founder

Short Bio: Jeremy has worked as a central banker and strategist in FX and commodity markets for over 16 years with Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale and RBC in New York, Hong Kong and Toronto. Jeremy subsequently lead corporate development at BitTorrent and works on several blockchain projects. He holds an MA in Economics from McGill University.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/therealfriesen

Carmen Lee - CMO

Jess Sloss - Strategic Marketing

David O. Berdn - Developer

Viv Harries - Chief Designer

Steven Cook - Digital Marketing

Jessica Choi - Director Business Partnerships

Spencer French - VP Business Partnerships

Russell White - Content Marketing