What is Sharpay about

Sharpay is a share button of the next generation, which allows for one- click distribution of the content on social media with targeting and reward for click-through. As opposed to traditional analogues, Sharpay provides multisharing of information, i.e. it makes it possible for users to one- click post the content on their pages on multiple social media at a time. Information posting becomes more convenient; moreover, after sharing each user gets blockchain-based tokens.

Sharpay is a new simple hi-tech blockchain-based SMM-tool for websites with embedded economic model of process incentive. Sharpay button extends traditional digital marketing battery and gives new possibilities for digital content, goods and services promotion. Sharpay ensures effective promotion of content on the Internet with targeting of viewers, rewards for click-through of the visitors corresponding to the established parameters and anti-cheat system.

The Sharpay token

There are 4 billion SHRP tokens which will be distributed in the following way:

- 37% this amount is for sale during the Token Sale period.

- 31% is reserved for the Sharpay system.

- 15% goes for a team

- 7%to the Advisers

- 7% receive Early Birds investors

- 3% is committed to the bounty.

The price of 1 Sharpay Token is 0.00003 ETH. The minimum contributing amount is 0.1 ETH. Sharpay.io has 1.420 billion tokens for sale. More than 250 million tokens have already been sold. The social media marketing market is expected to grow up to US$ 50 billion in 2019 and there are 3 billion social media users in the world and the number is keep growing, these two factors will definitely bring value to our token in the long term and our token holders can also benefit from them.

What is the value proposition?

There are 1 bln sites in the world and the number is growing by 57% annually. However, only 3% of them use share buttonsonly 30 mln sites.

With over 3 bln people using social networks, of which 10% are active users, the social network advertising spending is expected to grow up to $50 billion in 2019. The most popular users in social networks, for example, top Instagram influencers, have been earning money using their popularity through social network advertising. Sharpay will help all the social active users to monetize their popularity by earning cryptocurrency.

The blockchain technology has the ability to disrupt any traditional industry. Our Sharpay project not only has a tremendous potential to disrupt and refine the existing social media marketing, but also can popularize the use of cryptocurrency by the idea of sharing, and everyone can benefit in this blockchain era. We have three new functions that our competitors dont have.

a) Multi-sharing function, which allows users to share sites content on different social networks at the same time by simply one-click.

b) Sharing with profit, now users can earn our Sharpay Token by sharing sites content using our Sharpay button. It attracts and incentivizes users to promote websites content and is a win-win for both websites and users.

c) Blockchain usage, it takes out the middleman in the traditional SMM and everything from the transaction (e.g. Buying tokens to reward users, transferring tokens) to the performance index (e.g. Sites statistics, targeting, token playout) will be automated and clear, and creates a more effective and efficient marketing.

Team members

Anton Solodikov, CEO

Igor Karavaev, CBDO

Arkady Yasashny, CFO

Alexey Stukarchuk, CTO

Valery Yushchenko, Software Engineer

Ilya Afanasiev, Support Engineer

Levi Yau, Regional Manager

Paulina Kulyukhina, CMO

Dominica Koks, SMM Manager

William Bratsky, Marketing Manager