What is ShoCoin about?

ShoCoin is a cryptocurrency used for payments within ShoCards mobile identity ecosystem. ShoCard is the premier provider of digital identity using the blockchain; it removes friction from sharing and verifying identity, protects users privacy, and makes authentication more secure. incentivizes identity transactions by compensating users and clients with ShoCoins.

What is ShoCard?

ShoCard is an blockchain-based Identity Management (IM) Platform where people can own and protect their digital identity, deciding with whom and when to share their personal data. Users identity data is always encrypted on the phone along with the users private key and never stored in a third-party database, which would otherwise be vulnerable to hackers. Verification codes of that data are maintained on the blockchain.

These include certifications by third parties who vouch for the validity of an individual. ShoCard enables its services through an embedded approach, where services are integrated with clients using mobile and server SDKs or through a full-stack solution and mobile application. ShoCard is considered a thought leader in the space; it has received a patent on these systems and methods, along with three additional patents pending and owns a long list of provisional patents as continuations on the initial one.

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Team members

Armin Ebrahimi
Founder & CEO
Gaurav Khot
Chief Technologist
Ali Nazem
VP, Business Development
Konstantin Richter
ICO Project Lead & Token Strategist

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