What is StockChain?

StockChain is the world's 1st decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform with the data from the exchanges all over the world uploaded to the chain to benefit its global users. StockChain is dedicated to promote the healthy development and built a better future of the cryptocurrency market.



The Blockchain technology (BT) is also known as distributed accounting technology. Its an internet database technology with the feature of decentralization, transparency and fair. Everyone can participate in keeping the accounts.


StockChain realizes information recognition and structural analysis based on machine learning and makes risk prediction on the cryptocurrency market based on the neutral network model.


Based on tons of data, StockChain has developed a series of bigdata-based commercial application product such as institution-catered database etc. It also collaborates with several large enterprises to marketize and cash profits in data mining.


StockChain can automatically identify the trading pattern from the global market data, predict in advance the trading trend and make promising trading strategy through collecting and formalizing the financial and trading data based on the machine learning technology.



StockChain provides global cryptocurrency quotation and historical trading record for free.

Cross-platform concentrated trading

Develop deep cooperation with global biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and realize cross-platform concentrated trading.

Trading of Financial Derivatives

Carry on the traditional financial leverage trading mode and provide professional financial derivative trading services.

Program Trading System

Establish research institute, provide program trading service for the professional institutions based on the AI technology.

StockChain Ecosystem

Set up the ecological reward fund and reserve the SCC token for the future partners incentive.

Smart Contract

A smart contract comprises codes and data, occupying an address on the blockchain. Like an automatic agent on the blockchain, it has its own account and is able to perform some functions under certain conditions, such as automatically exercising an option contract on the STOCKCHAIN platform at the given point of time, providing the level 2 quotation service and the short-term investment function for users for one month and charging them SCCs.

Uploading Data to the Blockchain

Using the PipeLine idea, the global exchange quotations are collected via Uploader to the STOCKCHAIN System Storage Cluster (k-v storage) for fast quotation distribution. The data are imported into the IPFS file system to enable data to be uploaded to the blockchain in a real sense. In this way, the historical quotations of the cryptocurrency world will be broadcast to the whole industry through our platform for free.


The IPFS project developers, following the similar idea with Ethereum developers, intend to decentralize the Internet (http) and have files stored on all machines in the form of sharding. The file sharding model is already widely used in traditional Internet and its can serve as a stable and permanently sustainable file system in the blockchain.