What is Thorium Exchange?

Thorium is a Social Decentralized Exchange. Thorium works by giving users the ability to exchange tokens for a fee and redistributing the profit with its users as well as with different parts of the company. Token Holders will also make profit from Thorium's mining operation. We plan to back THOR tokens by tangible precious metals to give them a bottom price.

Why to choose Thorium Exchange?

Thorium is interesting because we are mixing the fun of an exchange with all the other parts of crypto. To have all your information and friends on the same platform will give traders an upper hand over traders on other exchanges.

The Thorium Token - THOR

There are no bonuses in the token sale, but the price gradually will become more and more expensive as the time goes by. Investors should do their due diligence before investing in Thorium. This is an exchange token that will not be worth anything outside of the exchange. It will be a safe guard once we start purchasing the precious metals but we have a long way to go. However for the traditional investor this might be a good opportunity to hodl. Since it will bring in daily pay-outs.