What is TopiaCoin?

TopiaCoin was created to fund the first globally available secure decentralized file sharing infrastructure, or SDFS. SDFS was developed to further Topia Technologys mission to ensure that individuals, businesses, and other organizations have a right to own and control their data. TopiaCoin will go to market using a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) model, with pre-sales beginning on October 30, 2017. This ICO will include up to 300,000,000 tokens, with the public sale for accredited investors commencing on November 13, 2017.

Addressing The Crisis of Data Exploitation

Topia Technology has spent over a decade solving critical problems in complex distributed systems for a variety of DoD and Federal Agencies. Now, we are bringing this unmatched security to ANYONE who wishes to share information securely and privately without their data being exploited by a central authority.

TopiaCoin Will be First to Market with a Secure Data Layer for Blockchain Based Applications

While there are many decentralized storage solutions, there is currently no way to securely share digital assets with specific recipients. For example, if you want to share legal documents with your attorney, accountant and business partner, SDFS will provide point-to-point shredding and encryption to ensure only the designated recipients have access to your documents.

Individuals and businesses will be able to easily and securely share any digital asset without a central server and with the confidence that each transaction is performed in a manner agreed upon by the blockchain. SDFS creates secure micro-networks with trusted, known recipients for collaboration, sharing and replicating your data.

TopiaCoin will also open source its libraries and APIs to enable third party solution providers the ability to tie into this secure data layer for their decentralized applications.

Secure File Sharing The First dApp on the TopiaCoin NetworkSecure File Sharing and Collaboration

Our dApp will be the first decentralized app available on TopiaCoins secure network. Our dApp will enable true end-to-end encryption for sharing files of any size and type. Users will be able to securely share from any device with recipients that they choose. No central authority! This is secure peer-to-peer sharing through micro-networks defined by the members you invite to receive the files. The method of sharing will include workspaces that will help organize the micro-networks, its members, and the information shared and/or modified.

Battle Tested Security

Topia Technologys patented security shreds the data into configurable chunks and then wraps each chuck with unique encryption keys. Your digital asset will be impervious to SSL/TLS exploits and safe from any man-in-the-middle attacks.


SDFS will be the most secure, immutable method of sharing files/digital assets in a decentralized, high performance way.

Securely Share Any Digital Asset

  • Users will be able to share sensitive data and digital assets such as wills, medical records, financial information, deeds, agreements and more. Each secure transaction will be completely private with all activity secured by the blockchain.
  • Easily and securely create a workspace to share your digital assets, simply invite members and SDFS will shred and encrypt your assets from any device. Your digital assets will never be in the clear from the point of origin to the point of destination.
  • SDFS will securely share digital assets of any size or format. Whether you want to protect a photo, movie, tax documents or your medical information, SDFS will be the first to offer unmatched security combined with blockchain to protect your digital asset shared from any device.
  • Your data is never in the clear and all workspace activity is secured by blockchain. And when you are done sharing, every asset in the workspace will be re-shredded and re-encrypted to protect your data no matter where it is stored. Only you and the recipients in your blockchain will have access to the information.


Janine Terrano - CEO

Jeff Cesari - EVP of Corporate Development

John Haager - Chief Blockchain Architect

Dan Joslin - Director & Security Strategist

Cody Sandwith - Blockchain Engineer

Jeff Pack - Director of Engineering

Sean Gray - Security Engineer

Cuneyt Baris - Community Token Manager