What is TransCrypt about?

TransCrypt is a universal tool for all financial transactions. With TransCrypt, you can carry out cryptocurrency transactions, purchase tokens, make transfers in national currencies, and pay for services. There is no longer any need to worry about the currency of a payment the system automatically converts the necessary amount into the currency of request. TransCrypt has a unique feature of sending and receiving any amount right in the chat of your familiar messenger. You don't even need to leave the chat window.

Value Proposition

TransCrypt sees its main mission as the necessity to remove this chasm and make cryptocurrency operations as simple and fast as the transfer of national currencies. TransCrypt gives users a convenient application for working with crypto- and national currencies, and will develop a solution for businesses that will allow merchants to accept any kind of currency without worrying about how this will affect their balance sheets. In this way, TransCrypt will allow a significant broadening of the boundaries of cryptocurrency use. It will make its use commonplace and will increase its popularity.

TransCrypt Team

Nick Machulis CEO
Lena Deshpit
PR & marketing
Alexander Volosovik
Director of DevOps
Ivan Smurov
Art Director

Alexander Margiani
Product Owner
Roman Steinert
QA Lead
Olga Bolshakova
Lead Designer
Dmitriy Pechnikov
Development Team Lead