What is Trilliant?

Fractional Ownership for Cryptocurrency ATMs. For Everyone.

Cryptocurrencies are now everywhere.Bitcoin has become mainstream and the surge of many blockchain-based enterprises has changed the way companies operate today. While many of these companies focus on technology,Trilliantis creating the infrastructure for this environment.

Just like withdrawing money from traditional ATMs, in the near future anyone can withdraw and deposit their cryptocurrencies at one of our next-generation terminals.This is why you should not only invest in cryptocurrencies, but also in the surrounding infrastructure.

The Trilliant Fractional Ownership Program now gives you the opportunity to purchase a personal piece of one of our fully-serviced cryptocurrency ATMs. Independent from cryptocurrency prices, your own Fractional Ownership Units let you participate in our lucrative crypto hardware, while we do all the work. All you need areTRIL Tokensto purchase your Ownership Units.

Partners that we are working with

The Trilliant Token Sale is advised by some of the most outstanding cryptocurrency industry experts.

Next-Generation ATMs

Cryptocurrency ATMs are amazingly lucrative and also provide great visibility for cryptocurrencies.

Fractional Ownership Program

All of our operational hardware is converted into Ownership Units that let clients participate in Trilliants success.

Buy whole ATMs

Purchase a full ATM with us. While we take care of technology, you service the machine. Half of our fee is paid to our Unit owners.

Purchase Units Online

Using TRIL Tokens, everyone can purchase their personal Ownership Units on the Trilliant website.

Profits Reinvested

A part of the incoming profits will be reinvested to continuously make further Units available for investors.

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Sebastian Korbach - Founder & CEO
Younes Kalakhi - CTO
Andrei Zernov - COO
Bruno Rovarotto - Designer
Chad Liu - Advisor
Ori Levi - Advisor
Frank Bonnet - Advisor
Mike Balagna - Advisor
Jamie Lewis - Advisor
Prof. Dr. Ulf Richter - Advisor