What is VERNAM?

Vernam utilizes blockchain technology to provide:

Competitive online marketplace for conventional insurance products by the biggest insurance companiesGenerous compensation - up to 30% of the policy premium in Vernam tokens (VRN) is returned to clientsCryptoSafe - a smart contract, guaranteeing that when a defined set of events occur, the client will be compensated with a certain amount of Vernam Tokens (VRN). The newest and most innovative blockchain based insurance product that Vernam will introduce

$ 4.73 trillionTotal addressable market

More than 90%Of the total insurance revenues come from North America, Europe and Asia

Up to 30%Of the traditional insurance policy price goes for broker commission

60%Of millennials already adopting online insurance

Up to 30%Sector efficiency improvement opportunity

0% commisioninsurance

Clients, purchasing conventional insurance through the Vernam platform will receive a cashback reward, equal to a typical brokers commission (up to 30% of the premium price) in VRN tokens.

CryptoSafeSmart Contract

Every client will be able to sign the CryptoSafe smart contract, free of commission, guaranteeing that when a defined set of events occur, the client will be compensated.

Vernam VRNtoken

To take full advantage of the platform we will introduce the Vernam token (VRN), an Ethereum-based ERC20 standard non-minable utility token that can be obtained on our crowdsale.


All insurance processes on the platform will operate with VRN tokens, generating a constant demand and rising price of the VRN token.

Secure andTransparent

The use of a shared ledger will prevent any possibility for data manipulation, increasing transparency and minimizing transaction costs.

Industry Know-how

Part of our team are key figures and companies with more than 20 years of experience in managing, developing and working in all fields of the insurance industry combined with top blockchain and crypto experts.

Bonus Scale

Vernam ICO bonus scheme



Founders joined efforts to change the insurance industry and started building the Vernam concept.

January 2018

Concept was validated by experienced InsurTech executives, who later joined the team.

February 2018

Angel investment received, start of platform development

March 2018

Start of the preparation for a token sale

Q3 2018

Listed on an exchange

Q4 2018

Vernam platform MVP launch and testing

Q1 2019

Vernam broker starting operation in several markets

Q2 2019

First CryptoSafe smart contracts signed. Vernam mobile app launch

Q3 2019

Development of additional smart contract insurance products


Operating on 8+ key European markets


Roman Angelov
Roman Angelov
Dimitar Mitrev
Dipl. Eng Dimitar Mitrev
Ivan Georgiev
IvanGeorgiev Co-founder
Borislav Stefanov
Borislav Stefanov
Business Developer
Vesselin Zahariev
Zahariev Financial Expert

Georgi Matev
General Legal Counsel
Angel Doraliyski
Doraliyski Strategic Planning
Ivan Manchev
IvanManchev Marketing Expert
Alex Mihov
Blockchain developer
George Spasov
Blockchain & Crypto Expert and Developer