What is VOLT?

VOLT is a decentralized platform. There is no middleman or broker, which leads to lower the cost offered for customers, and also maximize profit for the messengers. In VOLT, we offer a transparent environment. All customers and messengers or delivery companies benefit from the privacy and transparency of the fees and expenses. A secure payment system that allows two authenticated P2P entities to send and receive money that gets held in VOLT Tokens until after a successful exchange of services between the two parties.

Why to use VOLT services?

Uber and other models play a role of Central Control as middlemen and receive a fee of 20% or more. VOLTs P2P direct deal model is an efficient model that aims to eliminate brokerage fee by lowering direct costs to customers and messengers, to less than 5%, or even in hopes to eliminate completely. The existing delivery model is a centralized model, with a system called Hub & Spoke. This centralized model, including DHL, has dominated the delivery market worldwide. However, the centralized model is unable to meet the needs of same day delivery. VOLT is blockchain-based P2P delivery model that solves limitation of the same day delivery more effectively than existing models.

The VOLT Team

Philip Lee (CEO)

Sangchun Shim (CSO)

Migyeong Gwak (AI Team)

Josh Lee (AI Team)

Gyeongrae Cho (Sales and Marketing Team Leader)

Haewon May Byun (Blockchain development team)

Sungjin Lee (Legal Team)