What is WatermelonBlock about

WatermelonBlock evaluates the degree and volume of positive or negative sentiment. Weight is added to sentiment by social media content, posts and author influence. WatermelonBlocks AI then creates a ranking of coins and ICOs based on an internal system unique to WatermelonBlock. This known as the Melon Score. The initial app will include token use, WMB. WatermelonBlock operates on the NEM Blockchain and partners with IBM Watsons AI to process and analyse big data.

The value proposition

Access to information is just one hurdle investors face when participating in cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Investors spend countless hours sourcing information and trading all based on extensive market data; a challenging and time-consuming process. WatermelonBlock is a data analytics company with a suite of products that provide cryptocurrency insights to the consumer FinTech market using a combination of sentiment analysis, taken from social media, in addition to traditional technical analysis.

The WMB token

Total supply: 400 000 000 WMB

Sold during the ICO: 60%

Token price: $0.116 = 1 WMB

WatermelonBlock is offering an invaluable service to the community via our statistically significant data sets and mass appeal to an ever growing market. Early investors will need to be whitelisted, head to www.watermelonblock.io to begin the process.

Token allocation

Proof of burn protocol

WatermelonBlock is adding a PoB (Proof of Burn) protocol where tokens are destroyed by sending to wallet address that is not accessible, therefore not spendable. This process is verifiable on the blockchain and adds value by constantly reducing circulating supply. Additionally, WatermelonBlock is not a protocol that can incentivize via mining function.

WatermelonBlock will burn tokens up until 50% of the total supply. When users pay fees in the native WatermelonBlock Token (WMB), 50% of all fee payments will be sent to a wallet address that is not accessible nor spendable, thus will be destroyed.

For example, if a year, s worth of fees for services are 1000 WatermelonBlock Tokens (WMB), every three months 250 tokens are paid. From the 250 received, we will send 125 WatermelonBlock Tokens (WMB) to a verifiably inaccessible wallet address.

Team members

Elliot Rothfield - Director/UX Designer

Sonia Miles-Khan - Governance/COO

Dan Shani - CTO

Motti Peer - PR

Jason Lee - NEM Blockchain Consultant

Chris Moore - Software Development Manager

Boris Peter Manitius - IBM Watson Specialist

Adrian Rich - Marketing Strategist

Effi Shwintarsky - Analytics

Salil Ahuja - IBM Genius

Ali Pinch - Marketing Coordinator

Yelena Galstyan - Social Media Manager

Aaron Newson - Cryptocurrency Advisor

Viraj Evans - Data Scientist

Michael Blau - Web Developer

Bill Angelidis - Blockchain Development Specialist