What is White Rabbit?

White Rabbit allows you to reward the films and series you stream, on whatever peer-to-peer platform you choose to stream from. White Rabbit technology recognizes content and utilizes blockchain to facilitate payment between you and the films rights holders. When everyone gets their fair share, everyone is happy.

White Rabbit has identified 3 main challenges to the film and series industry that we will solve.

Challenge 1: Money

Too few filmmakers make money from digital distribution. Income is a fraction of what films once made from DVD sales, streaming revenue lacks transparency and recoupment takes years rather than minutes.

Challenge 2: Choice

Subscription-based streaming services give less and less choice of content as they produce and promote more of their own series and films.

Challenge 3: Pirates vs. Fans

Fans are forced to break the law to see their favorite films or series, unable to pay and stream the desired content from their preferred streaming service.

The Solution

White Rabbit ecosystem consists of users, content rights holders and creators, partner streaming sites, third party developers and White Rabbit.White Rabbit offers users a personalized content library the Rabbit Hole and a browser plugin.

The White Rabbit pluginrecognizes the content being streamed enabling users to offer White Rabbit Tokens (WRT) as a guarantee for payment to content rights holders. Each time a user streams content a smart contract deducts the tokens from the users account and transfers it to the rights holders. If a smart contract does not exist, rights holders may enter into one and accept tokens or reject. If they reject, the tokens which are kept in an encrypted distribution pool are returned to the user, securing their anonymity.

The Rabbit Holeis users personal content library where they can access all the content they have paid for and enjoy exclusive materials, extras, directors cuts, merchandise and interviews. In addition, the Rabbit Hole enables users to interact directly with the creators behind their favorite films, enjoy film screenings in VR together, and use other available third-party applications.

By separating distribution from payment, White Rabbit offers one payment system, but infinite viewing and fan experiences.



  • Freedom to stream on any p2p site, paying directly to rights holders.
  • Freedom to pay P2P is legalized by guaranteeing payment for streaming with the White Rabbit Token (WRT).
  • Freedom to access more content, more artists, and more fan experiences in the Rabbit Hole, bringing you closer to the art, artists and entertainment you love.

Streaming Industry

  • White Rabbit revenue shares with streaming sites that agree to our Partner Streaming Sites code of conduct.
  • Meaning illegal streaming sites are encouraged to legalize by a rewarding revenue model and new players will enter the market.
  • Which incentivizes innovation in UI, search and recommendation improving streaming experience and the creation of clear streaming brands, to the benefit of fans and content creators.


  • Revolutionary business model no longer months and years to receive revenue, but minutes after fans pay.
  • Data access to all the non-personal streaming data about your film and series.
  • Control price and territory can be adjusted while content relevant steaming sites focus audience targeting


  • Interaction talk to your fans directly in the Rabbit Hole. Tell them about you, your film and upcoming projects.
  • Monetization offer additional content to the fans favorite film and series, Q&As, VR screenings and more.
  • Transparency receive what your due as user payments are written in the immutable blockchain ledger.



Partner Streaming Sites application roundLegal framework


Preparation of KYC policiesWhitelist opens


PresaleToken saleMVP availablePartner Streaming Sites first round partners anouncedContent acquisitions announcement


Launch Alpha by invitationPartner Streaming Sites second round partners announcedContent acquisition announcement


Launch BetaProduct launch


Rabbit Hole releaseNew content-recognition technology release


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Adrian Hessel-Rtter -COO & Partner LinkedIn
Jonas Foyn Therkelsen -CTO LinkedIn
Jon Inge Buli -CFO & Partner LinkedIn
Jon Ramvi -Lead blockchain developer LinkedIn
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