What is Woter?

Woter Technologies is a fin-tech startup focusing on blockchain technologies, The Woter team is building the next generation hybrid decentralized exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies & fiat in a secure model. Your money stays in your wallet until you trade.

We are creating the worlds largest crypto/fiat exchangewww.woter.ioand the most valuable token WOTER. By investing in WOTER you are securing lifelong earnings from our smart contract: 25% of exchange revenue will be distributed to WOT holders monthly for life.

Woter`s Exchange smart contract will distribute funds (WOT and Ether) to the holders of Woter coin (ERC20) tokens pro-rata.


Without reliance on a third-party to manage and administer assets, brokerage fees and exchange mishaps become a thing of the past, truly peer-to-peer.


By optionally setting your account or transactions to private, your identification on trades becomes merely a list of letters and numbers.


Gaining access to liquidity in a decentralized, trustless fashion has never been easier and we strive to make it simpler everyday for your convenience.

Coin Specs

Name: Woter Token

Type: ERC20

Ticker symbol: WOT

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 100,000,000 WOT


ERC20 Wallet Enables Sending & Receiving WOT coins for holders, beta available at wallet.woter.io