What is Yondo about

Yondo is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos On Demand and Online Video Courses, Live 1-To-1 Video Sessions, Webinars, and Online Audio On Demand. With Yondo, users can sell Ebooks, Audio Recordings and Online Courses that package ebooks and videos together. The ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology, meaning user payments are secured by smart-contracts, while the platform uses YON tokens for cross-user activities.

The value proposition

Yondo members can sell their digital products with their own branding and offer several payment options to their customers.

Yondos Video-on-Demand functionality enables you to decide how you want to sell your content. Offer videos as a subscription package. Perhaps youd like to offer a single video as a pay-per-view rental. Or maybe offer up a series of consultancy videos, designed to focus on specific topics and sell them as video courses. With Yondo, you have the freedom and flexibility to organize your business however you wish.

You can fully integrate your Video-On-Demand library with your existing website. Through our template engine, you can completely customize your video on demand pages to match your website, including your domain name and branding. You also have the option to embed your videos or use Yondos API to fully integrate your video on demand platform into your existing website.

Build Video Courses and Playlists that can be embedded and sold on your website or your Yondo pages. Now your customers never have to leave your website to purchase and view your Video Courses and Playlists. You can choose whether youd like to sell your videos for a one-off purchase, timed rental price, or as part of a monthly subscription package and much more.

To further improve Yondos value to its platform members, Yondo is developing a vast ecosystem of marketplaces, channel partners, merchant partners, and services. Platform members can use fiat currency or YondoCoin to pay Yondo for various services available to members through the Yondo platform. We note that YondoCoin payments can only be made directly to Yondo.

YondoCoin Rewards program

Yondo proposes to enhance its existing platform by adding a blockchain-based ledger system to provide the new YondoCoin Rewards program. YondoCoin Rewards is a program that Yondo aims to roll-out in 2018 to reward content contributions by content creators. A blockchain-based rewards system is expected to reduce the time taken to issue reward Tokens, securely verify reward redemptions, and account for purchases.

Yondos Blockchain technology will reduce transaction fees and broaden user availability. Payment via the YondoCoin (YON) will have a small flat 1% transaction fee processed for every payment made on the platform which is deducted from the Yondo members YondoCoin balance. Providing up to a 100% savings compared to most standard fiat payment gateway service fees. Yondo will propose to reward Yondo platform members who decide to use YondoCoin (YON) through incentives.

Yondo is changing how users interact with online videos. We are building Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the online videos that our customers sell from their websites. Our AI makes all videos totally interactive. While watching a cooking video, the customer can ask the AI for the recipe ingredients list. The AI will then pop up the recipe list in a downloadable PDF. Or ask the AI how to cut the peppers and the AI will rewind back to the specific moment where the chef was cutting the peppers.

CEO - Tony Jarboe
CTO - Warrick Hunter
Sales - Alexander Abernethy
Lead Developer - James Kim
Research & Support - Elijah Jones
Sales - Ronna Tolentino

Community Manager - Shawna Partin

Advisor - Peter Dunne

Advisor - Mrcio Teruel